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1950's Big Cars, Baby Boomers, Cold War, Berlin Wall,

Mans Innovations and Inventions from the 1950's
The Reason Human Beings are at the top of the food chain is Mans Ability to Innovate

Below are some of Mans Innovations and Inventions from the 1950's

Credit Card USA by Ralph Schneider

Hydrogen Bomb USA by Edward Teller's team

Polio Vaccine by Jonas Salk

Transistor Radio USA from Texas Instruments

Solar Cell USA also called photovoltaic cells

Robot USA by George C Devol Jr

Hovercraft England by Christopher Cockerell

Nuclear Power England first power station at Calder Hall

Video Tape USA

Video Recorder USA

Satellite Russia Sputnik I

Microchip USA by Jack Kilby

Computer Modem USA

Some 50s Music Trivia
1955 Chuck Berry – popular for such hits as “Johnny B. Goode” and “Roll Over Beethoven” – is named by a Billboard poll as the most promising R&B artist of the year. He proved the pollsters right be becoming a huge success in more than one genre of music.
1951 Tony Bennett hits the top of the Billboard Pop charts with his #1 hit – “Cold, Cold Heart.” More than five decades later, he continues entertain audiences with his unmistakable crooning voice.
1950 Gene Autry’s “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” hits #1 on the Billboard Pop Charts. It sold over 8 million copies and was later inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1985.
Some Music Hits From the 50's

Stranger In Paradise Tony Bennett 1955

Rock Around The Clock Bill Haley & His Comets 1955

Memories Are Made Of This Dean Martin 1956

All Shook Up Elvis Presley 1957

Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley 1958

Great Balls Of Fire Jerry Lee Lewis 1958

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes The Platters 1959

Some 50's Car Trivia
A few prices and examples of collectors cars from the Fifties sold in the US and UK

The One Thing that jumps out at you compared with cars today is how very different the car designs were from different companies not all molded into one design fits all

1953 Austin A30

1953 Austin A30

Prices From $1,495 The new 4 door Austin A30 Sedan

1958 Dodge Pickup

 1958 Dodge Pickup

Easy shift V8 right for your job D100 carry up to 1,585 lbs

Ford 1956

Ford Fairlane 1956

from $2,013 Ford Fairlane with the new with the 202HP Thunderbird Y8 Engine and dramatic go lines

Hudson Jet 1953

Hudson Jet 1953

Prices From $1,858 The Compact Jet enough room for 6 with 202-cid six cylinder engine 104HP and hydra-matic drive as an option

MGA 1956

MGA 1956

The Fastest Safest MG ever engineered powerful new engine and body styling the ultimate in sports cars from England

Nash Airflyte 1953

 Nash Airflyte 1953

Prices From $2,145 with power steering, power windows, and power brakes

BMW Isetta 1958

BMW Isetta 1958

Prices From $1,000 The micro car with a choice of 3 or 4 wheels and opened from the front

Packard Clipper 1956

 Packard Clipper 1956

From $2624 Top Power up to 310HP V8 engines and now available the super hardtop with torsion level ride and twin traction safety differential

Willys Jeep 1956

Willys Jeep 1956

Tough jobs demand a 4 wheel drive universal Jeep from Willys and it is more rugged more roomier and more comfortable than you could ever expect

Cadillac Coupe De Ville $4,163 1952

Chevrolet Corvette $3631 1958

Chrysler New Yorker $4,347 1958

Ford Country Sedan Station Wagon $2,947 1959

Hudson Hornet 6 $2,568 1951

Jaguar XK120 $4,039 1951

MG MGA $2.269 1957

Nash Metropolitan $1,673 1954

Packard Clipper $2,624 1955

Sunbeam Alpine Sports Roadster $2,899 1953

Willys Aero Falcon $1843 1953

Taken from our fifties cars section
Cars From the Fifties

Corvette Prices Over 50 years since introduction
Corvette Prices Over The years

Chevrolet Corvette $3,631 1958

Chevrolet Corvette $4,589 1963

Chevrolet Corvette $5,472 1972

Chevrolet Corvette $12,313 1979

Chevrolet Corvette $23,392 1984

Chevrolet Corvette $53,415 2007

50's Birth Of The Credit Card
The concept of paying for goods using a card started in 1950 and the main cards available in the United States in the early years were Diners Card and American Express, both required full payment at the end of the month so were only provided to the most financially respected consumers , in 1958 Bank of America created the BankAmericard which later became Visa and in 1966 Master card followed which allowed for payment of a fraction of the credit outstanding with interest charged on the outstanding balance.

House Prices in the 50s
Some examples taken from our 50's homes section 1950's Homes

1950 Modern Home Mansfield Ohio
Living room dining room Kitchen and 2 bedrooms $6,500

1950 GI Homes Long Beach California
Living Room Wood burning fireplace , Shower and Bathroom , 2 bedrooms $8,825

1951 Bungalow Pittsfield Massachusetts
4 rooms , attic oil fired heating and oak floors $11,000

1951 Brick Home Chicago Illinois
6 room brick home built by one of Chicagos best builders modern kitchen and gas heating $14,500

1954 15 Acres Orange Groves Fort Pierce Florida
15 acres 5 room home and outbuildings with orange groves $8,500

A few Video Clips from the 50's found on You Tube

Budweiser Commercial 50s

Classic Commercials Breakfast 50s

What To Do Incase Of Nuclear Attack 1951

The Day The Earth Stood Still Trailer 1951

Television Promotion 1952

Queen Elizabeth Coronation 1953

Ovaltine Commercial

GM Motorama 1955

News Reel 1956

First US Satellite Launched 1957

Disneyland Home Movie 1958

Check out the Fifties Section On The People History For Many More

Popular Culture From The Fifties
I can remember back to childhood in the 50's and my mother still put mothballs in our clothes drawers but I don't think many people do any more

Soap Box Derbys
Nearly every kid I knew together with his dad would build a soapbox racer often from old wheels from prams and pushchairs and race them ( in the 50's most newspapers and car companies sponsored these races with big prizes ) all but gone what a shame "replaced by Computer Games / TV " .

Tipsy Not Drunk When Driving
Sometimes we can't point to a specific story for interest but a series of articles in Newspapers that talk about a driver being tipsy not drunk make interesting reading

In 10 separate stories in a number of newspapers from the 50's the headline was Driver was Tipsy etc. etc. instead of using the word Drunk

Now the interesting thing is most often the charge was for
"driving under the influence" so the law did not call it tipsy

Now was this because it was still socially acceptable to drive drunk or because alcohol was still a major advertiser in these newspapers


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