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The Mad Bomber New York
A note is sent to police in New York warning of a bomb planted at Grand Central Station in New York City, the bomb squad do mange to diffuse the bomb.

The Mad Bomber had been targeting New York since 1940 taking a break during World War II and left a total of at least 33 bombs, of which 22 exploded until he was caught.

When the Mad Bomber ( George Peter Metesky ) a disgruntled ex-employee of Con Edison, New York's electric utility company, was caught in 1957 he was sent to a mental institution where he stayed until his release in 1973.

King Leopold III
Voters turned out in Belgium to vote on a referendum to bring the exiled King Leopold III back from Switzerland.

Save The American Buffalo / Bison Campaign
The American Buffalo / Bison which roamed the plains and numbered over 50 million are now down to a mere 4000 animals and concerns over extinction means more work and money is to be spent to save this important part of the American Heritage. It is estimated that there are now only four free roaming and genetically pure herds of American Bison / Buffalo on public lands in North America,

Yellowstone National Park, ( 4,000 Bison )

Henry Mountains in Utah, ( 500 Bison )

Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota ( 1,500 Bison )

Elk Island in Alberta, Canada. ( 500 Bison )

We have used both descriptions Buffalo and Bison ( But Bison is the correct description )

North Korea Attack South Korea
Armed forces from communist North Korea smash into South Korea, setting off the Korean War which lasted until 1953.
The US becomes involved as part of the United Nations effort to help South Korea repel the invasion from the North and pushes back to North Korea beyond 38th parallel into North Korean territory and following US involvement China become involved on behalf of North Korea

Uruguay Wins 1950 World Cup
Uruguay Wins 1950 World Cup , there is no final and the winner was based on a round robin tournament contested by four teams Uruguay, Brazil, Sweden, and Spain.

Clement Attlee Elected
Clement Attlee and the British Labour party has won the 1950 general election with a much decreased majority and will continue its programme of nationalisation of major industries including iron and steel. The commitment to the Welfare State with the National Insurance Act which provides help and support for the more vulnerable in British society will be continued.

Frank Sinatra TV debut
Frank Sinatra made his TV debut on NBC's "Star-Spangled Review." He went on to be one of the most successful and recognizable figures in music history.

Peoples Government Take Control Tibet
A Russian news source stated that a “peoples’ government” has been established to govern the newly developed Tibet’s Sikang province in southeast China.

James Dean
James Dean who is still unknown at that time appears in a Pepsi commercial, dancing with other teens around a jukebox 5 years before he becomes an icon for the teenage revolution in such films as Rebel Without a Cause

Communists in The State Department
Senator Joseph Mc Carthy from Wisconsin had announced that 205 communists had made their way into the U.S. State Department.

Worst Tornado British History
The worst tornado in British History touched down in late afternoon in Linslade, Buckinghamshire the tornado travelled 66 miles and remains the longest trail on record for a tornado in England leaving hundreds of roof's damaged in it's path and lifting cars, cattle and horses.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation / NATO
12 nations agree to the creation of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation / NATO a permanent organisation for the defence of the United States and Europe.
The 12 nations included in the beginning are Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Britain, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and the United States.

Birth Of The Credit Card
The concept of paying for goods using a card started in 1950 and the main cards available in the United States in the early years were Diners Card and American Express, both required full payment at the end of the month so were only provided to the most financially respected consumers , in 1958 Bank of America created the BankAmericard which later became Visa and in 1966 Master card followed which allowed for payment of a fraction of the credit outstanding with interest charged on the outstanding balance.
History of Credit Cards

Fangio wins the Monaco Grand Prix
Juan Manuel Fangio wins the Monaco Grand Prix in an Alfa Romeo this is his first Formula One victory and the first of his 24-Grand Prix victories. During his career he won five Formula One World Driver's Championships with four different teams (Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Maserati).

Below are the five World Championships Juan Manuel Fangio won in his career and the cars he drove to win.

1951 Alfa Romeo
1954 Maserati
1955 Mercedes
1956 Ferrari
1957 Maserati

Many do consider him to be one of the greatest racing drivers of all time.

Dalai Lama
15-year-old Tenzin Gyatso, is enthroned as the 14th Dalai Lama at age 15.<

Petrol Rationing Ends In Britain
After 11 years petrol rationing finally ends in Great Britain and the British People tear up petrol rationing books which have been in use since the beginning of World War II in 1939.

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