1949 News and Interesting History Tidbits

Newfoundland Joins Canada Confederation

Newfoundland and Labrador entered the Canadian confederation as the 10th province.
The years each province joined the Canadian Confederation

1867 Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick

1870 Manitoba, Northwest Territories

1871 British Columbia

1873 Prince Edward Island

1898 Yukon

1905 Saskatchewan, Alberta

1949 Newfoundland

1999 Nunavut

Palestinian US Aid
President Harry S. Truman authorizes $16 million in aid for Palestinian refugees displaced and facing starvation as a result of Israel’s War of Independence in 1948.

First Car With Porsche Badge
The first car with a Porsche badge is shown at International Automobile Show in Geneva, Switzerland on a Porsche 356.

Robert Mitchum Released
Robert Mitchum is released from a Los Angeles prison farm at the end of his two-month sentence for marijuana possession

The Emmy Awards Started
The Emmy Awards for US Television first presented in 1949

New York State adopts the "Feinberg Law"
As part of the strong anti-communist feeling in the country New York State adopts the "Feinberg Law" providing for the dismissal of teachers who belonged to "subversive organizations." I.E. "The Communist Party".
The New York Teachers' Union challenges and wins over the constitutionality of the Law in the New York State Supreme Court.
The case then goes to the United States Supreme Court who decided against the teachers in a 6-3 decision in 1951, in a case that became known as Adler vs. Board of Education.

The Lucky Lady II
The First nonstop world flight is made by a B-50 Super fortress "The Lucky Lady II " led by Captain James Gallagher.

South Pacific
Rodgers and Hammerstein debut their hit musical "South Pacific" on Broadway.

Some of the best loved songs from the musical include
"Bali Ha'i,"
"Some Enchanted Evening,"
"Younger than Springtime,"
"A Wonderful Guy"

The partnership of Rodgers and Hammerstein created some of the most well known musicals in modern history working as a team with music by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II and included

South Pacific
The King And I
The Sound Of Music

Automatic Street Lights
The first automatic street lights are installed in New Milford, Connecticut, Up to that point a man would have to go to each streetlight every night at dusk and physically turn them on and at sunrise turn them off.

Nuremberg Trials End
The Nuremberg Trials ends with the final 19 top aids to Adolf Hitler receiving up to 25 years for their part in war crimes against humanity.

De-Havilland Comet Jet Passenger Airliner First Flight
The 500-mile-an-hour jet engined De-Havilland Comet designed as a commercial jet airliner flew for the first time with a test pilot at the controls.

The first 45 RPM vinyl record released
The first 45 RPM vinyl record is released. It would be one of the most popular ways for music lovers to enjoy their favorite song without buying an entire record. The cassette single during the 1980s and 1990s was a comparable format.

Volkswagen Beetle Sold In US
The first Volkswagen Beetle ( The Peoples Car ) in the U.S. arrived from Germany, designed by Ferdinand Porsche at the request of Adolf Hitler.

Chinese Civil War
The China Red Ultimatum is about to expire as the armies of Red China and Nanjing face each other across the Yangtze River the government of Nanjing feared this is the last days of independence as the red army will walk in and take power on behalf of Red China

Berlin Airlift ends 1949
The Berlin Airlift officially comes to an end after 250,000 flights taking food, medical supplies, clothing and fuel to West Germany

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Established
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is established by 12 Western nations: the United States, Great Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Iceland, Canada, and Portugal

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