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Germany Breaks Treaty of Versailles
Nazi leader Adolf Hitler violates the Treaty of Versailles by sending German military forces into the Rhineland, a demilitarized zone along the Rhine River in western Germany.

President Roosevelt
President Roosevelt was re-elected for second term in a landslide receiving 60.8% of the popular vote and 98.5% of the Electoral College

Boulder Dam Completed
Work on the Boulder Dam is now complete two years ahead of schedule . The Dam is 727ft high, 600ft Thick at the base, 4 million cubic yards of concrete were used in it's construction and has taken 5 years to complete at a cost of $115,000,000 .The Dam is just 25 miles from Las Vegas and will provide power and water needs to the growing city. The name will be changed from the Boulder Dam to the Hoover Dam .

Daytona Car Racing
For the first time ever, car racing was done in Daytona. This first race was organized specifically for stock car racing participants, and was considered an early start of what people now know as the Daytona 500.

War in Abyssinia
Britain Presses for Penalties on Italy after war in Abyssinia and threatens to take independent action against the Italians heightening the chances of a war in Europe

Olympic Games 1936
The Summer Olympic Games of the XI Olympiad are held in Berlin, Germany.

Possibly one of the most controversial Olympic games of modern times opens with a ceremony presided over by Adolf Hitler. The Games of the XI Olympiad were used by Germany as a tool for propaganda. to promote their ideology, and its promotion of the superiority of the "Aryan Race" by only allowing Germans of "Aryan race" to compete for Germany.

The Olympic Torch is carried in relays for the first time from Olympia in Greece to Berlin in Germany
This is the first time the Olympics are televised.
The great African-American athlete Jesse Owens, wins four gold medals in the sprint and long jump events.

Sun Valley Ski Resort Idaho and First Chairlifts.
W. A. Harriman ( Union Pacific Railroad Chairman ) opens a brand new Ski Resort hoping to create a world-class winter sports facility to rival European Resorts at Sun Valley, Idaho.
As part of the project Jim Curran an engineer who worked for Union Pacific adapted a system used to load bunches of bananas onto boats into a "transport" system to move people up slopes replacing the hooks for the bananas with chairs for skiers to sit on. The chairs would be suspended from a single cable running above the chair. When the Sun Valley Resort opened in December 1936, the world’s first two chair lifts were put into operation.

Mexico Agrarian Reform law
Workers and peasants, the neglected masses, were benefited by President Lacaro Curdenas’s Agrarian Reform law. Wealthy cotton areas were taken from the rich and given to the peasants. His Seventh Day Law paid workers seven days a week.

Spanish Civil War
The Spanish Civil War starts as a revolt by right wing Spanish military officers in Morocco which spreads to mainland Spain. From the Canary Islands, General Francisco Franco broadcasts a message calling for all army officers to join the uprising and overthrow Spain's leftist Republican government.

Mrs Wallace Simpson Divorce 1936
I had always assumed Mrs Wallace Simpson had obtained her divorce in the US and never realised she had been married to a Brit so it came as a surprise to find her divorce was granted in Ipswich England from her ships brokers husband a subject of the king for misconduct at the Hotel De Paris at Bray near Maidenhead in Berkshire

King Edward VIII Abdicates
Britain's King Edward VIII abdicates the throne in order to marry American divorcee Wallis Warfield Simpson, Edward had expressed his desire to marry his mistress, Mrs. Wallis Simpson, a twice-divorced American socialite but the the marriage was opposed by the government on religious, legal, political, and moral grounds.

Crystal Palace Burns Down
Crystal Palace which had been built for the Great Exhibition of 1851 is destroyed by fire. The Crystal Palace also featured the first public conveniences in use in England / Monkey Closets and during the exhibition 827,280 visitors paid one penny each to use them which is where the British saying "to spend a penny" comes from.

Spitfire Fighter Aircraft
The British Air Ministry placed an order for 310 Spitfire's after seeing the demonstration of the latest prototype (K5054) for the Supermarine Type 300 fighter ( Later Named The Spitfire ) featuring undercarriage retraction, an enclosed cockpit, oxygen breathing-apparatus and the newly-developed Rolls-Royce PV-XII engine ( later named the Merlin ).

Sonja Henie Retires From Competitive Sport
Sonja Henie retires from amateur sport following one of the most successful skating careers in history. Following her move into acting she went on to become one of the highest paid movie stars in Hollywood in her heyday.

She had won her first World Championship at the age of 14 in 1927 representing her home country of Norway in Norway and is credited with being the first female figure skater to make use of dance choreography and adopt short skirts in figure skating.

Three-time Olympic Champion (1928, 1932, 1936)

Ten-time World Champion (1927-1928-1929-1930-1931-1932-1933-1934-1935-1936)

Six-time European Champion (1931-1932-1933-1934-1935-1936)

Tornadoes strike Tupelo, Mississippi and Gainesville, Georgia
Two small towns in Tupelo, Mississippi and Gainesville, Georgia are devastated by tornadoes, killing 200 people in one of the deadliest spates of tornadoes in United States history. A total of 466 people were killed over four days of nearly continuous twisters. Another 3,500 people were injured.

Babe Ruth Elected To Hall Of Fame
Babe Ruth was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame . He was a famous major league baseball player for the Boston Red Sox (1914-1919) and then the New York Yankees (1920-1934). He also played for the Boston Braves (now Atlanta Braves) during his last year as a player in 1935.

New Deal Wage Set at $25.00 Per Month
As part of the new deal program to get America back to work in the great depression the 3 millions job program launched as part of the relief and public works program the WPA average wage has been set at $25.00 per month

Proposals for paying for the New Deal
A number of proposals are being looked at to finance " The New Deal " programme including a flat tax on all corporate income, and also an increase in the normal income tax rate from 4% to 5%.

The Peoples Car
Ferdinand Porsche Started work on first prototypes for the design on the Peoples Car
which would become the ( Volkswagen Beetle ) it was 1936 before the first prototype was completed

The Hindenburg makes it's First Official Flight in Germany.

The Hindenburg built by the Zeppelin Company was 804 ft long filled with highly inflamable hydrogen to provide the lift and four 1,200 hp Daimler-Benz diesel engines giving the airship a maximum speed of 135 km/h (84 mph).

To put this in context The Hindenburg was three times the length of a current Jumbo Jet and could carry less than 100 people including passengers and crew. ( Jumbo Jet carries circa 500 including passengers and crew )

Benny Goodman
Benny Goodman and his trio recorded "China Boy." Benny Goodman was one of the most prominent jazz and big band musicians of his day, often being referred to as the "King of Swing," "The Professor" and "Swing's Senior Statesman."

Bruno Richard Hauptmann
Bruno Richard Hauptmann is executed in the electric chair for the kidnapping and the murder of the Lindbergh baby

The Queen Mary
The Cunard ocean liner The Queen Mary is nearing completion on Clydebank in Scotland, and will begin sea trials within 10 weeks, she is scheduled for the Transatlantic trips between Southampton and New York and many details are appearing which confirm she will a success before she even starts her transatlantic sailings with the first passage on May 27th oversubscribed by 4 times already, she will be capable of 32 knots which is faster than any other passenger vehicle afloat and will be the biggest passenger ship afloat with a crew of 1200 and carrying 2200 passengers. Due to the government providing a loan of 10 million for 2 ships it is believed before The Queen Mary even starts her transatlantic runs a second even larger ship will be in production which between them will provide a weekly service across the Atlantic.

Flying Boat Service England to America 1936
A new faster service between England and America is soon to be started using the latest and fastest passenger flying boat built "The Caledonian" from Imperial Airways.

Hoover Dam hydroelectric power
The Hoover Dam begins creating hydroelectric power which it sends over transmission lines spanning 266 miles of mountains and deserts to run the lights, radios, and stoves of Los Angeles.

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