1937 News and Interesting Tidbits From History

Toyota Motor Company Founded
Following on from the success of Toyota Industries the son of the original founder Sakichi Toyoda of Toyota Industries Kiichiro Toyoda founds the Toyota Motor Company in Japan

Canada Wife Beating IS Legal
In Hamilton, Ontario a man who was charged with beating his wife was deemed to be within his legal rights. Canadian judge, William McLeary cited the English Common Law made in 1879 which stated that a man has a right in certain cases to “chastise or confine” his wife.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the first feature-length animated movie becomes a classic and a financial success helping Disney to create bigger and better animated movies over the next 70 years.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt Tries To Fix Supreme Court
President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed to add five new justices to the Supreme Court, this was because the Supreme Court were overturning many of his programs and he believed if he placed an additional 5 new justices chosen by him he would get his legislation through. Much to his dismay the Senate turned down his proposal.

Dust Storms
Dust storms hit five states-in Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. Within a few days, a dozen deaths had occurred. Likewise, influenza and pneumonia patients were easily affected, as the dust storms had made breathing difficult for them. The dust storms were so severe that people could taste the dirt and other substance in their food at dinner time. Furthermore, clouds of dust were so thick that it blocked the light of the sun. Homeowners and/or renters were advised to plug their window sills and door jams as well as hang wet sheets over doors and windows. However, it was nearly impossible to make an area 100% dust-free.

American Old Age Pension Benefits
Employers and employees became subject to a tax of one percent of wages on up to $3,000 a year, this will provide Workers with credits toward old-age insurance benefits.

Amelia Earhart Goes Missing
Amelia Earhart and her navigator Frederick Noonan go missing during their attempt to fly around the world between New Guinea, and Howland Island, an island in the center of the Pacific Ocean. No trace of the aircraft including Earhart or Noonan was ever found.

999 Emergency Service UK
999 emergency service is started in London. When 999 was dialed, a buzzer sounded and a red light flashed in the exchange to attract an operator's attention.

Nylon Patent
Wallace H. Carothers, a research chemist for Du Pont, received a patent for nylon.

Memorial Day Massacre
The Memorial Day Massacre takes place when Ten union demonstrators are killed and 84 are wounded when police opened fire in front of the South Chicago Republic Steel plant.

King George VI
King George VI was crowned at Westminster Abbey.

King George was second in line to the throne but following his younger brother Edward who abdicated so he could marry American socialite Wallis Simpson he became King.

King George's wife was the much loved Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon much better known as "Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother", who died at the grand old age of 102 in March 2002. Their oldest daughter Queen Elizabeth is current Queen of England.

Former King Edward VIII Marries Wallis Simpson
The former King OF England King Edward VIII marries Wallis Warfield Simpson in France, the American divorcee for whom he abdicated the British throne in December 1936.

Airship Hindenberg Disaster
The German airship Hindenberg the largest dirigible ever built burst into flames and collapsed to the ground while attempting to moor at Lakehurst, New Jersey. As the airship burst into flames it crashed 200 feet to the ground and the hull of the airship incinerated within seconds as the hydrogen core ignited.

The Great Soviet Union Purge
Joseph Stalin institutes sweeping purges across the Soviet Union involving Communist Party members who he considered anti-revolutionaries and enemies of the people. The purge also included intelligentsia, those branded as too rich to be a peasant and many of the professional class. The purge lasted two years during 1937 and 1938 and estimates vary between 1/2 million and 2 million who were taken by the NKVD (the Soviet secret police) and murdered during this time in history.

$5.00 Per Day Wages
US Steel raises workers' wages to $5 a day, this bought Steel Workers Wages closer to the average wage of $35.00 per week. In context the average house price was $4,100.00 or 2 1/2 times the average salary.

Rape of Nanking
Japanese forces capture the city of Nanking and Japanese General Matsui Iwane orders the city of Nanking to be destroyed. Japanese troops launched a campaign of atrocities against civilians. including the massacre of an estimated 200,000 and the rape and mutilation of at least 20,000 women and girls of all ages .

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge connecting San Fransisco and Marin County, California is opened to pedestrian traffic and more than 200,000 pedestrians walked across on opening day. The next day the Golden Gate Bridge is opened to vehicular traffic .

Marihuana ( Marijuana ) Tax Act
The US House of Representatives passed The Marihuana Tax Act, Pub. 238, 75th Congress, 50 Stat. 551 the bill was an important bill on the path that led to the criminalization of cannabis. It stipulated that pot could not be sold without a license and licenses were never issued.

U.S.A. Neutrality Acts
America strengthens it's Neutrality Act first passed in 1935 and amended in 1936 which created an embargo on arms trading with the countries at war, loans or credits to countries at war. In 1937 the Neutrality Act was amended again stating "all trade with countries involved in war must be conducted on a cash-and-carry basis"

The Hobbit
J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit," is first published which follows the quest of home-loving hobbit "Bilbo Baggins".

Hitler says no war
Adolf Hitler meets a number of American Businessmen in Berlin and tells them there will be no War Germany can not afford a war and does not a war, most believe his sincere style

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