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A few interesting tidbits from the Eighties
The Decade of Technology Revolution, Anti Nuclear Protests, Aids, Cold War, Lebanon, Apartheid, Terrorism,

In 1980 a new house cost $68,714.00 and by 1989 was $120,00.00

In 1980 the average cost of new car was $7,210.00 and by 1989 was $15,400.00

and check some of these inflation and interest rate figures
1980 Yearly Inflation Rate USA 13.58% UK 18%
1980 Interest Rates Bank of England 14.00% Federal Reserve 21.50%

1981 Yearly Inflation Rate USA 10.35% UK 11.9%
1981 Bank of England 14.38% Federal Reserve 15.75%

Some was caused by the war in the middle east and the oil embargo but also prices and wages just going out of control

A Chevy Camero Coupe cost $7,571
Pontiac Grand AM cost $9,965

Amiga 500 with Color Monitor cost $849

Hands Free Operating Car Phone cost $788

And from our 80's homes
4 bedroom Cape Cod home in Elyria Ohio with 2 car attached garage cost $53,900 in 1985

A few Events and interesting developments

The Cold War ended

Falkland Islands War between Argentina and United Kingdom

A major Famine in Ethiopia and the surrounding region

The continued use of terrorism including Panam Flight 103 bombing and bombings in France by by Carlos the Jackal

The birth of the IBM PC starting with MS-DOS and finishing the decade with Windows a GUI Graphical User Interface

Bulletin boards which evolved to what we now know as the Internet

Arcade games appeared including the most popular Space Invaders and Pac Man

The birth and quick growth of Mobile Phones

The world started to understand the concept of Global Warming and mans impact

The birth of a number of Cable Channels we use today including The Weather Channel, MTV, Cable News Network CNN,

Ronald Reagan Elected President of the USA

Iran and Iraq war which lasts most of the decade

The First Flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia

Riots in The US and UK in inner city areas

Berlin Wall comes down

Fashions and Clothes
More and more people are dressing for success including women wearing The woman’s work suit , especially in the latter years and the the term “yuppie” was used quite a bit during the late 1980s.

Primetime Soap Operas
Many consider the Eighties the heyday of Primetime Soap Operas and provided many of the most successful prime time serials including Dallas, Dynasty, Knots Landing and Falcon Crest which often featured the comings and goings of wealthy families and their personal and big-business.

Dallas ( 1978 to 1991 ) Based around the wealthy Texas Ewing Family with it's bad boy character of "J.R." Ewing Jr. the greedy, scheming oil baron.

Knots Landing ( 1979 to 1993 ) Though initially not as popular as Dallas, Knots Landing runs for fourteen seasons outlasting Dallas itself.

Dynasty ( 1981 to 1989 ) The series run on the ABC network and revolved around the Carringtons, a wealthy oil family from Denver, Colorado and from the second season featured the British actress Joan Collins which together with great writers and the addition of Joan Collins, Dynasty became the number one show in 1985 on the Nielsen Ratings.

Falcon Crest ( 1981 to 1990 ) The series features the feuding of the wealthy Channing/Gioberti family in the Californian wine industry on the CBS network.

It was also a great decade for movies including
E.T. , Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan , Chariots of Fire, Gandhi , Nine to Five
Educating Rita , Octopussy , Star Wars, Staying Alive , Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Crocodile Dundee , Platoon, The Money Pit

And Some great groups and musicians
Lionel Richie, Van Halen, The Police, Debbie Harry, Whitney Houston, Madonna,
Culture Club, Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon, Adam and The Ants, Michael Jackson , Queen , David Bowie, U2, The Beach Boys

Taken from our 80's sections on The People History

A number of Videos we found on You Tube

US Stock Market Crash October 1987

Old Cellphone Commercial 1989

Stonehenge Concert 1984

Bruce Springsteen born in the usa

Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion - ABC News - 1/28/1986

Comparing IBM PC To Apple Macintosh 1980s

Sinclair Spectrum Commercial 1982

Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan McDonalds commercial 1983

Band Aid Do they know it's Christmas 1984

The Advance In Computers In The 80's
Most of the computers for home use in the beginning were for the hobbyists, the very earliest home machines required you to put them together and often included the need for soldering. but as the cost of the electronics and microprocessors continued to drop so did the price of the computers and also slowly became easier to use and this in turn encouraged more to learn. One of the major driving forces in the purchase of these early computers were the games and as the computers increased in power the games improved. The number of magazines with pages and pages of basic code or machine code on the newsagents shelves

Read more about the History and Changes in Computing since the early days

A few Computer Innovations From 1980
Mattel Intellivision

A few Computer Innovations From 1981
Donkey Kong
Sinclair ZX81 UK Version
Timex Sinclair 1000 USA Version
Commodore Vic-20
BBC Micro

A few Computer Innovations From 1982
Atari 5200
Atari 5200
Pole Position
Commodore 64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
TS2068 from Timex in USA.

A few Computer Innovations From 1983
Nintendo or NES
Compaq Computer Corporation PC Portable Clone

A few Computer Innovations From 1984
Mac OS
Amstrad CPC and PCW

A few Computer Innovations From 1985
Commander Keen
Nintendo NES
Atari ST
Commodore Amiga
Command & Conquer
Compaq IBM PC Clone

A few Computer Innovations From 1986
Atari 7800
Sega Master System
The Legend of Zelda
Intel 80386 microprocessor

A few Computer Innovations From 1987
Dragon Quest
Final Fantasy
Acorn Archimedes
Street Fighter

A few Computer Innovations From 1988
Nintendo Game Boy Handheld

A few Computer Innovations From 1989
Atari Lynx Handheld
Sega Mega Drive Genesis
Nintendo Game Boy
Atari Lynx

The World Recognises Environment Issues
In the 80's after many years of ignoring the impact on our environment ,the world also took more notice of the impact that we were having on our planet and more research was done on the effects on global warming through population growth, land clearing of rain forests for agriculture and logging, increased use of fossil fuels for power generation together with our love affair with the car for transport

Some Music Hits From the 80's

Coward Of The County Kenny Rogers 1980

Imagine John Lennon 1981

Ebony & Ivory Paul McCartney with Stevie Wonder 1982

Come On Eileen Dexy's Midnight Runners 1982

Eye Of The Tiger Survivor 1982

Billie Jean Michael Jackson 1983

Karma Chameleon Culture Club 1983

I Just Called To Say I Love You Stevie Wonder 1984

Do They Know It's Christmas? Band Aid 1984

We Are The World USA For Africa 1985

Dancing In The Street David Bowie & Mick Jagger 1985

Who's That Girl Madonna 1987

Desire U2 1988

One Moment In Time Whitney Houston 1988

A Groovy Kind Of Love Phil Collins 1988

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