Prints Celebrating Special Occasions Created in July

We would like to add our congratulations to the Following

  Happy 90th Birthday, Bill!

  Happy 90th Birthday Herb

  Happy 85th Birthday Dad! Love, Louie and Sue

Happy 90th Birthday Annette

Happy 90th Birthday!

Happy 90th Birthday George

Happy Birthday Palmyra Tuminello Shapley


Happy 80th Birthday Pop!!
Happy 80th Birthday Charlene

Doris Nell Robbins ~ born July 28

  Happy 80th Birthday TO MOM

  Happy 80th Birthday Marty

Happy 80th Birthday, Ellen!

Happy 75th Birthday Mom!

Happy 75th Birthday Mom!

Happy 75 th Birthday Dad

Happy 70th Birthday Sharon

Happy 65th Birthday!

Happy 60th Anniversary

Happy 60th Anniversary

Happy 50th Anniversary Jim & Rosetta!!

Happy 50th Birthday Chrissy boy!

Happy 50th Birthday To My Husband John

Taking you back in time when Roxanne was born Happy 50th Birthday

Happy 40th! We love you Davina, Asher, Lev, & Strudel

We're the greatest; yes, it's true. We're the class of 72!

Del Mar High School Class of 1972 Celebrating 40 year Reunion

Happy Birthday I hope it is full with joy and love!!

Angela, Happy 40th Birthday!!!

Wabash High School 35th Class Reunion

Happy 16 Birthday Tj!! Love your Youth Center Family:Juss,Bit,Darius  ,Maddy and Destiny!! We Love you!!

These prints were created this Month to celebrate Special Occasions,

Many helped raise much needed funding for School Projects looking for help in the difficult times

our Your Prints offers our visitors the option to make a small donation to a local school project through Donors Choose or you can order Personalized Print in PDF Format which can include a Message and Photograph that will be E-Mailed direct to you
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