1921 News and Interesting Tidbits

French Blue Beard
A famous trial at Versailles pitted prosecutor Godefroy against a well known criminal Landru, referred to as the “French Blue-Beard”. The prosecutor exclaimed, “The Landru who you have to judge is a savage beast tracked down in the midst of his career of crime. He is a murderer, a monster whose heart no human sentiment has ever touched.” During the trial blue beard’s face was impassive, although he knew he was headed for the guillotine.

Cigarette tax
Iowa becomes the first state to impose a cigarette tax

Emergency Quota Act Passed
The Emergency Quota Act was passed into law which limits the number of immigrants admitted into the US.

Chanel No. 5 introduced
Coco Chanel commisions renowned perfumer Ernest Beaux to create the most expensive perfume in the world, Jasmine was the most expensive Perfume oil and Chanel No. 5 relies heavily on Jasmine. Chanel introduced "Chanel No. 5" to some of her friends. and The fitting rooms in her boutique were also scented with No. 5.

1921 Information
As I continue to research for This Day In History sometimes things just suprise me and this week has been a good example

Forestry in the US in 1921 was 463 million acres, and today it is 745 million acres

Taxation 1921
4% on income up to $4,000
8% on income from $4000

1921 proposed ammendment
2% on income up to $5,000
4% on income from $5,000 to $10,000
6% on income from $10,000 to $15,000
8% on all income over $15,000

Kansas Women Mine Protestors
In Kansas the Kansas national guard was called out to subdue protesting women who were going from mine to mine attacking non-striking coal miners in the Pittsburgh coal field.

Franklin D. Roosevelt gets Polio
Franklin D. Roosevelt at 39 years old is attacked by Polio ( paralytic poliomyelitis ). This was unusual because although Polio was at epidemic proportions most cases of Polio were found in children. It would be 30 years before a vaccine was developed that would help irradicate the disease .

Flash Floods Colorado
Flash Floods caused by Torrential rains leaves more than 100 people dead and millions of dollars in property damaged Pueblo County in Colorado.

Rum runners Taunt Authorities Prohibition
Rum runners are now taunting US authorities by sitting outside of the three mile limit with flags and signs saying come and get it. At night they disappear under cover of darkness to areas not patrolled and small fishing boats unload the cargo and deliver the booze back to shore.

South Africa Independence
Following general elections in South Africa General Smuts party has won over the dutch speaking nationalists and the labour party, he has already stated South Africa will continue to be part of the British Empire but under vastly different terms these will include

South Africa has the right to amend her own constitution

South Africa will have her own flag

South Africa will have power and authority over domestic affairs and International and Foreign Relations

South Africa will be a Independent Sovereign State in friendly association with the British Empire

The Communist Party of China is formed
The Communist Party of China is founded with Mao Tse-tung as a founding member at a meeting in Shanghai in 1921 , The Communist Party of China fought the National Government of China during the Chinese Civil War, which ended with the Communist Party of China's victory in the Chinese Revolution.

Typhus Closes Ellis Island
Following a case of Typhus Ellis Island has been under quarantine. More than 1,700 immigrants who may have come in contact are also in quarantine while the island is fumigated and cleaned up , it will several days before the island is opened again for immigration.

Chicago White Sox
Players from The Chicago White Sox Baseball team are accused of throwing the World Series to make money from illegal gambling.

Treaty of Versailles
The discussions over Germany sticking to the Treaty of Versailles and steps to enforce reparations by Germany for the World War are causing rifts between England , France and Italy with the British prime minister Lloyd George calling an emergency meeting of the cabinet . The French and Italians want immediate occupation of the Ruer region of Germany while Britain wishes to pursue more diplomatic means.

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