1928 News and Interesting Tidbits

Olympic Games 1928

The Summer Olympic Games of the IX Olympiad are held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Olympic Torch is lit for the first time ( No Torch Relay until 1936 )

Johnny Weissmuller, who became better known for his role in the Tarzan movies, wins two gold medals in swimming events.

Yellow Taxi Cab Wars
Two Yellow Cab Garages were bombed with dynamite . Both companies are staying tightlipped about the Taxi Cab War feud and have not passed details on to the local police .

Lady Chatterley's Lover
Lady Chatterley's Lover is published in 1928 DH Lawrence's sexually explicit novel was published in Italy in 1928 and in Paris the following year but is banned in the UK

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse appears for the first time in Steamboat Willie, by Walt Disney.

Major Earthquake Greece
Central Greece is in the grip of a major earthquake the town of Corinth has been virtually destroyed and a number of tremors have been felt in Athens

Yo Yo Factory Opens
Pedro Flores opens the Yo-yo Manufacturing Company in Santa Barbara, California, and due to the popularity of the toy by November of 1928, Flores was operating two additional factories in Los Angeles and Hollywood employing 600 workers and produced 300,000 YoYo's daily.

Yo-Yo's continued to be popular until the mid 40's with World War II and less children available but in the 60's after a clever series of television commercials the Yo-Yo made a comeback which together with addition of new technology including a number of innovations is still a popular toy today.

Women Allowed To Vote Equal To Men
Women received the vote on equal terms as men (over the age of 21).
This followed the the Representation of the People Act of 1918 which allowed all women over the age of 30 to vote ( Men could vote at 21 though ).

Italian Dirigible Italia ( Airship )
The fate of the Italian Dirigible Italia ( Airship ) is not looking good and rescue parties are searching for any remains 1 week after she set out on the heroic trip to reach the North Pole.

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