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Leper Colony Philippines
An institution for saving the children of the Culion leper colony was run by the public welfare commissioner in Manila. The children were watched for signs of leprosy and given schooling.

Transatlantic White Bird Attempts to cross the Atlantic non stop
The Bi-Plane the "Transatlantic White Bird" Piloted by the french Aviator Captain Nungesser attempting to be the first to cross the Atlantic non stop from Paris to New York is spotted in the early morning off Nova Scotia fighting strong head winds and heading for the Maine Seaboard and had been in the Air for approximately 33 hours. Shortly after the sighting they mysteriously disappeared while trying to be the first to complete the non-stop transatlantic flight, flying from Paris to New York City . The plane, pilot and navigator have never been seen since.
Two weeks later American aviator Charles Lindbergh, flying solo, successfully crossed from New York to Paris

Charles Augustus Lindbergh
US aviator Charles Augustus Lindbergh picked up his plane on May 10th, “The Spirit of St. Louis,” in San Diego and flew it to St. Louis. The next day he flew “The Spirit of St. Louis,” to New York. The plane a "Ryan NYP" monoplane was powered by an air-cooled Whirlwind engine built by Ryan Aeronautical Company.

May 20th Charles Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Field in Long Island, NY, at 7:40 AM aboard the Spirit of St. Louis on his historic solo flight to France to compete for a $25,000 prize, offered in 1919 by Raymond Orteig to be the first pilot to complete the feat. He completed the 33-hour, 30-minute flight and landed at Le Bourget Airport, Paris on the evening of 21 May and became an instant hero not only in America but around the world.

Indian Sailors Revolt Over Visiting America
Sixteen Indian sailors revolted and quit their posts when they heard that their ship was going to America. They were terrified that they would perish to death from the cold. The rebellious sailors were thrown in prison.

Work Begins on Mount Rushmore
Work begins on the face of Mount Rushmore in 1927 on the Black Hills National Forest of South Dakota. It would take another 12 years for the granite images of four of America’s most revered and beloved presidents to finish. The Presidents depicted are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

Xining Earthquake
An earthquake measuring 8.6 on Richter scale strikes Xining in the eastern part of Qinghai province It was one of the deadliest earthquakes on record with a total count of 200,000 deaths.

Airship Race From New York to Paris
An airship race from New York to Paris begins from New York after postponement due to injuries and problems with an engine on one of the airships

Mae West Arrested
Mae West is Arrested during her starring role in the play "sex" which she wrote, produced, directed and starred in on Broadway. She was prosecuted on morals charges and sentenced to 10 days in jail and fined $500 for public obscenity.

The Jazz Singer
The Jazz Singer featuring the singing of Al Jolson an American musical becomes the first feature-length movie with synchronized dialogue sequences brings in the era of the "talkies" and the decline of silent films.

Babe Ruth signs a 3-year contract with the New York Yankees
Babe Ruth signs a 3-year contract with the New York Yankees for a guarantee of $70,000 a year.

To put this in context
In 1927
In Syracuse New York a Lower two Bedroom Flat cost $40 per month Rent
1 lb of Chicken cost 39¢
A Chevrolet Superior Roadster cost $490.00

China Attacking Foreign Shipping
Following a series of attacks by China on foreign ships approaching Chinese waters , 3 British warships have attacked and disabled a number of Chinese gun batteries thought to be attacking both British and American shipping in the area.

Mississippi Flooding
The Mississippi has now made over 150,000 homeless due to flooding and in states as far away as Illinois the Government are to blow up dykes to relieve the flooding in New Orleans, this will mean some areas of farmland will be under water and the state troopers are to stop protests by local farmers and enforce the law.

Holland Tunnel
The Holland Tunnel ( Hudson River Vehicular Tunnel )under the Hudson River connecting the island of Manhattan in New York City with Jersey City, New Jersey is completed and opened after 7 years.

Irish Immigrants US
Irish immigrant workers in the U.S. sent an estimated $150,000 per week to poor relatives in Ireland. The republican war had devastated the country. In Kerry county 30% of the people were destitute. Their girls are sold to become domestic servants in America.

Ku Klux Klan
The findings of a special grand jury in to the floggings carried out by members of the Ku Klux Klan in Cremshaw County Alabama ended with 102 indictments against men involved with the 20 lashings in that county. A public statement was also made that corruption by political figures in the area should also now go to Jury.

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