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How Much Did Things Cost 75 Years Ago in 1932
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New House Average Price $6,510
Wages Average $1,650
Gallon of Gas 10 Cents
5 Piece decorated kitchen Suite $10.95

Dozen Eggs 18 Cents
A loaf of Bread 7 cents
A LB of Hamburger Meat 10 cents
Shoulder Spring lamb 17 cents Lb
Clifton Toilet Tissue 4 Cents
Potatoes 2 Cents Lb

Chrysler Six From $1,125
Packard Custom 8 Club Sedan From $2,750
Willys 2 Passenger Coupe From $673

Latest Fashion Ladies Dresses From $4.98
Mens Shirt $2.50
Mens Sox 10 cents
Boys corderoy pants and breeches, From $1.98

Electric Toaster $9.95
Electric Flat Iron $1.49

Radio City Music Hall
Radio City Music Hall opened in New York City opening with a spectacular stage show, featuring Ray Bolger and Martha Graham. The stage measures 66.5 feet (20 m) deep and 144 feet (44 m) wide and has the largest Wurlitzer pipe organ built for a movie theater.
The Radio City Music Hall is also home to the women's precision dance team known as The Rockettes.

Fritos Corn Chips
The History Of Fritos Corn Chips

Elmer Doolin of San Antonio, Texas purchased the rights from a small local manufacturer of the corn chips who was eager to sell his small business and return home to Mexico. For $100, Mr. Doolin purchased the recipe and the manufacturing equipment, which was a converted hand-operated potato ricer, he sold the Fritos in small 5 cent bags. for more of the history of Fritos Corn Chips check out the companies own history page

Olympic Games 1932
The Summer Olympic Games of the X Olympiad are held in Los Angeles, United States
A three tier victory podium is used for the first time and the winning Athlete's country National Anthem is played

Eight Million Unemployed
During the Great Depression of the 30's as relief funds in city after city are coming to an end and with over 8,000,000 now unemployed and many close to starvation, the federal government is putting through plans for major construction projects on public works the total is in excess of 1 billion dollars but are still waiting for a vote for funding. Also because of the large scale unemployment cuts in up to 40 cents per hour or a 30% wage cut are now in force for 12 months to help together with the mass funding into banks to help keep them solvent and supply much needed capital for businesses to survive.

Companies and Government Departments cut the number of hours worked or days worked by those in current employment, providing better chances for workers of staying employed and also should help with those seeking work in these testing times.

Many companies also cut hourly rates as many goods and services decrease in price.

Feelings are mixed with many of those in work concerned about the drop in wages but in general the plans is accepted as a way forward out of the current problems facing the country.

World War I Vets March On Washington
As the great depression of the 30's continue World War I veterans begin arriving in Washington to demand cash bonuses they weren't scheduled to receive for another 13 years be paid early to allow them to survive, by late June over 20,000 World War I vets were camped in vacant government buildings and open fields around the capitol.

A mob of western Kansas Farmers went back to old fashioned justice when they lynched a man who admitted killing an 8 year old girl by overpowering the sheriff and hanging the man from a tree in Kansas

1 cent Federal Tax On Gas
The first federal gasoline tax ( All US States had a gas tax prior to this starting in Oregon in 1919 ) was created with the enactment of the Revenue Act of 1932 with a tax of 1 cent/gal .

Royal Shakespeare Theatre
The New Royal Shakespeare Theatre opens in Shakespears's birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon, it had been rebuilt after a fire destroyed the original Shakespeare Memorial Theatre

Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to make a solo air crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, from Newfoundland to Ireland

The Communist Party of America
The Communist Party of America had hosted a “March on Hunger” which was held on this day. This march began in Downtown Detroit, Michigan to the Ford Motor Plant at the River Rouge. Thousands of people were gathered in this area in order to take a stand against this company’s labor records. This march which started peaceful had turned into a violent affair.

Restriction On Narcotic Drugs In Turkey
In Turkey President Muatapha Kemal issued restrictions on narcotic drugs. At a Christmas day meeting he decreed that 3 narcotics factories were to be closed and poppy growing would be limited to medical use only.

Lindbergh Baby Kidnapped
The Lindbergh baby is kidnapped when stolen from his crib at the family estate in Hopewell, New Jersey, the ransom of $50,000 is paid in a New York cemetery to a man who promised to return his kidnapped son. ( His son is later found dead after being murdered by Bruno Hauptmann, who was executed )

Al Capone Goes To Jail
Al Capone begins life as convict 40886 in Atlanta Federal Penitentiary serving 11 years for Income Tax Evasion

Tuberculosis Major Health Problem
The continued growth in Tuberculosis is becoming more widespread throughout the US and with more variations and the worst affected are infants and young children. It is often transmitted through milk from diseased cows . It can be diagnosed by a chest X-ray and is highly contagious . ( side note this was the most important reason the milk we now buy is pasteurized / homogenized .
We take the eradication of Tuberculosis forgranted and do not have to worry about our children dying from this terrible disease but back in 1932 it was a major issue for parents

First Winter Olympics
The first Winter Olympics was held in the United States. These games took place in Lake Placid, New York.

Hunger Marchers England
The march to London by the Hunger Marchers Army has been broken up by police in Trafalgar Square and the marchers have been dispersed and escorted out of London . The main communist organizers have been charged with sedition and are currently in jail.

Johnny Weissmuller Big Break
The part for Tarzan was originally cast for "Clark Gable" but he turned the part down so Johnny Weissmuller Got the part.

Ford Model A Production Ends
The Model-A Ford was one of the Ford Motor Company’s first signature automobiles. This particular vehicle was produced for the last time .

Manhole Covers Blast Into The Air
In Northern Montréal, Canada residents panick when blasts from sewer and gas pipes occurred over a six square mile radius. Manhole covers blasted into the air and a three storey building was reduced to rubble. A mile away a gas station blew up. Most victims were relatively unharmed and the cause of the explosion was not determined.

Sydney Harbor Bridge Opens
The Sydney Harbour Bridge the fourth-longest spanning-arch bridge in the world across Sydney Harbour officially opened. The bridge was designed to carry road traffic, railway traffic and a footpath on each side.

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