1923 News and Interesting Tidbits

King Tutankhamen Burial Chamber Opened
The burial chamber of King Tutankhamen recently unearthed was opened in the Valley of the Kings near Luxor, inside was a spacious and beautifully decorated chamber completely occupied by an immense shrine covered with gold inlay and workmanship of this is truly amazing. This Chamber has been undisturbed for 3000 years and unlike many of the ancient relics in Egypt has not been robbed of it's treasures. The historical interest of the discovery will provide Egyptologists with some of the best insight to that period in history

German Hyper Inflation
In Germany hyperinflation causes prices to double every two days. The currency crumbled with 4.2 trillion marks becoming worth $1, and a loaf of bread costing 140 Billion German Marks.

Rum Runners
A new way to catch the Rum Runners During Prohibition
A large fleet of Seaplanes are to be mobilized in an attempt to catch rum smugglers off the Atlantic Coast, it is believed these will be more successful than current means of catching the rum runners who are equipped with very fast boats that are outrunning federal agents

Rosewood Massacre
Members of the Ku Klux Klan attack the black residential area of Rosewood, Fla leaving 8 dead and burning most of the buildings in the town including the local black church.

Mount Etna
Walls of lava one mile wide are descending Mount Etna towards the town of Lingauglossa in Italy, the lava is travelling slowly giving time for evacuation of the area, another flow of Lava over 50ft high and a mile wide is heading for the town of Giarre with a population of 17,000 the town will be doomed as the lava will cover all buildings in the town.

One Piece Swimming Suits
Much debate and laws occur when one-piece swimming suits become the fashion for beach-bound women. Various cities ban the new style while others will allow it but only if the new suits are appropriate for swimming and not just for fashion.

Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as president of the United States after learning that President Warren Harding had collapsed and died while visiting California the day before. He was sworn in by his father, Colonel John C. Coolidge at his father's farmhouse in Plymouth, Vermont.

First Checker Cab
The First Checker Cab is produced by the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. By 1925 the Checker Cab Company is the largest manufacturer of Cabs in the country . In 1956 Checker made a passenger vehicle for the first time the Chequer Marathon but never really took off.

"Hollywood" Sign
The 450-foot-long, 50 foot tall White Letters "Hollywoodland" sign was erected on Mount Lee as an advertisment for the Hollywoodland subdivision in Beachwood Canyon, Ca. In 1949 the "land" was dropped and the sign became just "Hollywood" and was declared a historical monument in 1973 and restored in 1978.

Yankee Stadium First Baseball Game
The first baseball game is played at Yankee Stadium in New York City, with the Yankees beating the Boston Red Sox 4-1 with Babe Ruth hit a three-run homer.

First Le Mans 24 hour race
The first Le Mans 24-Hour race ends with a win for Andre Lagache and Renee Leonard covering 1,372.928 miles in a Chenard-Walker car.
The latest race run in 2007 is won by Frank Biela, Emanuele Pirro and Marco Werner covering 3129.75 miles in an Audi R10

Pancho Villa Assasinated
Francisco Villa ( Pancho Villa ), general and revolutionist, after negotiating a peace with new President Adolfo de la Huerta of Mexico he ended his revolutionary activity and went into semi-retirement, and he is assassinated in Parral, Chihuahua, in his car and the assassins were never arrested.

Time Magazine
Time Magazine is published for the first time.

Royal Wedding
The wedding of Albert Duke of York to Lady Elizabeth Rowes-Lyon in Westminster Abbey attracted large throngs of people to watch the pomp and ceremony associated with royal weddings

Earthquake Tokyo and Yokohama
The Japanese cities of Tokyo and Yokohama were devastated by the Great Kanto earthquake estimated to have had a magnitude between 7.9 and 8.4 on the Richter scale, the earthquake is believed to have cost the lives of over 100,000 people.

introduction of Insulin
With the introduction of Insulin which is not a cure but a remedy for Diabetes, the manufacturers and Medical Professionals are telling the public that Insulin will not cure diabetes but will save many lives caused by the disease and alleviate much of the suffering associated with the disease. Insulin effects are only tempory leaving the fundamental condition of the disease unchanged in the body.

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