Personalized Prints Ideal For Birthdays and Anniverseries

The People History
Celebration creating 250 Personlazed Prints ranging from the 1920's to current

  5 from the 2000's
  8 from the 1990's
  10 from the 1980's
 35 from the 1970's
 40 from the 1960's
 44 from the 1950's
 18 from the 1940's
 49 from the 1930's
 41 from the 1920's

Nearly half of those created hepled raise much needed funding for inner city school projects through , the service is based on trust but we have recieved E-Mails from visitors who have donated as much as $50.00 to a project and one company celebrating 75 years in business who we created a print for who funded a complete project in thier city with a donation of $200 as a thanks to us and a way of giving back to thier local community, the prints offer a fully personlaized service with a Personlaized Message and can include a photograph, Our prints which are in PDF format are E-Mailed out to our visitors which makes them ideal to Print, E-Mail to family and friends, or even to take to your local Office supply store where they can be turned into full size posters ideal for High School Reunions. Hopefully we and our generous visitors have helped raise over $1,000 for much needed school projects in these difficult times.

A couple of great examples can be found here

The first celecrates a 90th birthday
90th Birthday Print
90th Birthday Personalized Print  which is great because it shows how technology has offered us the technology to scan photographs from nearly 100 years ago to make availblae to friends and family from across the generations

The second is for a 40th wedding anniversary

40th Wedding Anniversary  The wedding photograph just has a look that just reminds you of the Seventies

Our prints are used for Birthdays, Anniversaries, High School Reunions and much more

We offer 2 ways to order your prints the first option asks you to make a donation to a local School Project through and the second used by local US visitors and others from around the world can be purchased for $1.95 which can also include Personlalized Message and a Photograph

To find out more visit Personalized Print

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