About The People History

We have included the main stories that you would expect and also stories that provide an insight into each year and time period.

We set up this blog as an additional resource to the main The People History site because we believed to include each news story within the main years and decades would make the site slow to load and navigate .

We do hope you like the new easier to use The People History Blog and that it achieves it's goal which is to enhance and provide additional resources to The People History.

About The People History Main Site

The People History has been designed to display the most well known information for each year or decade for quick and easy use, and includes prices, popular culture and much more on a single page, but by doing this some of the more interesting and longer articles of information can not be displayed on the page as the page would become unwieldy and difficult to use, This is the reason we set up this blog. Find Out What Happened The Year You Were Born Including how much things cost, popular culture, events and technology And Check Out Our Today In History

Just a few of the New additions over the last 6 years include the following:

  1.  A Sports History Section covering the history of most of the major sports 
  2. . A new History of Toys Section that includes thousands of toys with prices and pictures from the 1920's through to the 1990's
  3. . A new Quiz Section replacing our quiz questions on this blog with over 1,500 questions
  4. . We have redesigned our free to print  popular birthday prints with new designs 
Plus we have added, changed and improved many other sections of the site and will continue to do over the future

If we have made mistakes or included inaccuracies in our information please leave a comment on that page pointing out the error of our ways

For those using this as a resource for School of College

The Webmaster and Researchers Name : Stephen Pearson
Location : Wisconsin U.S.A.
Research Materials : Old Newspapers, Online News Sites BBC, New York Times etc. plus additional material from books and Encyclopedias.

Contact can be made through the main site from our About and Contact Page

Thanks for taking the time to visit our blog
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