World War I and II Posters

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Poster 1
Keep Up The Good Work
An early British poster from World War II telling the British People that Courage,

Poster 2
Careless Talk Costs Lives
Both in Britain and the US governments were concerned about soldiers, sailors and airmen on holiday telling loved ones and others information that the enemy might use to kill servicemen , this is just one example of a British poster telling the servicemen not to say anything about where they were fighting or any other information the enemy might use .

These type of posters were used from very early in the war right to the end of the war

Poster 3
Work Faster and Harder To Support The War
Many posters similar to this were made asking the British Factory Worker to work harder and faster to support the war effort and the boys in the front lines

Poster 4
US Grow Your Own Can Your Own Food
The US Office of War Information releases this poster extolling the virtues of growing your own vegetables and canning any extra for use in the winter

Poster 5
Help With War Effort Provide Scrap
America Needed scrap to build planes, ships, tanks and more for the war effort and the posters combined with school and community put Americans at home to work with scrap collecting projects to help the war effort.

The war machine needed every kind of raw material ranging from rubber, metal, paper and old rags.

When World War II started America had one of the smaller armed forced in the world , by the end of World War II it had the largest armed

Poster 6
Winston Churchill Poster
Winston Churchill was seen as a hero by the British People , he was a great speech maker and unlike many politicians spent time at the front lines with the very troops and men he had sent to war.

Poster 7
US Rationing Is Fair To All
As the US introduces more rationing of essential goods the poster is created to promote sharing and fairness to all ,

Poster 8
The Easy Girls Spread Disease
A poster telling the serviceman that if a girl is easy she may well be full of Venereal Diseases

Poster 9
US Meat Rationing Poster
Introduced in the US for meat rationing .
Only use your fair weekly share of meat to support the war effort
Men, Women and Children Over 12 2 1/2 lbs per week
Children 6 to 12 1 1/2 1lbs per week
Children Under 6 3/4 1lb per week
The following are not part of your meat ration and you can use them in addition to your ration
Liver, Kidneys, Brains, Chicken and Fish

Poster 10
British Dig For Victory Poster
A well known British Poster telling the public to dig for victory and grow as much greens and fruit as they can to help the war effort

Poster 11
Work On A Farm This Summer
Issued by the US Office of War Information Help the war effort work on a farm this summer.

Hoping to get students to help on the farms in summer holidays as many of the farmers and sons and daughters were away fighting the war and the country and farms needed labor to help bring in the crops that would feed those at home and those fighting at the front.

Poster 12
Become A Nurse And Help The Soldiers
Become A nurse Your Country and the men on the front lines need you

Poster 13
Serve In The Waaf
Poster from the British Airforce for recruiting women to join the WAAF and support the Royal Airforce

Poster 14
World War I England Needs You
One of the most Famous World War Posters from World War I

Your King Needs You
Britain Needs You
Join The British Army

Poster 15
Uncle Sam Needs You Poster
Although this most famous of posters was used during the second world war, it was originally from the First World War, but due to it's great style and easy recognition was also used during the second world war

Poster 16
Australia World War II Poster
Australia World War II Poster It is nice to Surf , But join up and help the war effort and the other men in the trenches

Poster 17
So Much By So Many To So Few
This poster was a direct result from a speech made by the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill referring to the RAF pilots who fought to protect England during the Battle Of Britain

Poster 18
British Ministry of Information Poster
Following the start of World War II the British Ministry of Information use posters that appeal to the British sense of well being. The government of Britain believed that with the bombing of London and Other British cities the "British Stiff Upper Lip" was needed more than ever and this poster together with others from the same era promoted that most British quality.
For those interested a copy of this poster can be obtained from the Victoria and Albert Museum Website.
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