1940's News and Interesting Tidbits

1940's Pearl Harbor, Concentration Camps, Nuclear Bomb, Second World War
Collection Of Videos From The 40s
A few Video Clips from the 40's found on You Tube

The Battle OF Britain 1940

India and Pakistan INDEPENDENCE DAY

London's Burning 40s

Kamikaze Pilots 40s

We'll Meet Again Vera Lynn 40s

1940s Movietone News

Battle Of Britain

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

1941 News Reel

1941 Pearl Harbor Pictures

1943 Calling All Women to Help the War Effort in US

1943 Judy Garland Over the Rainbow

D-Day News Reel 1944

FDR Telling The American People About D-Day 1944

Germany Surrender 1945

Howard Hughes Plane Crash 1946

V-2 Rocket 1946

India Independence 1947

Roswell 1947 Alien Footage ? 1947

Newsreel 1947

Billy Graham 1949

Harry S. Truman - Oath of office 1949

London Airport ( Heathrow ) 1949

Chevrolet 1940 Commercial

Late 40s Oldsmobile Commercial

Oldsmobile 1941 Commercial

Check out the Forties Section On The People History For Many More

Mans Innovation From The 40s
The Reason Human Beings are at the top of the food chain is Mans Ability to Innovate

Below are some of Mans Innovations and Inventions from the 1940's

Atomic Power USA by Enrico Fermi's team creating first self-sustaining chain reaction

Napalm USA from Harvard University

Guided Missile Germany by Werner von Braun

Aqualung France by J Cousteau and E Gagnon

Kidney Dialysis Netherlands by Willem Kolff

Sunscreen USA by Benjamin Green

Atomic Bomb USA by Robert Oppenheimer's team

Microwave Oven USA by Percy L Spencer

Artificial Intelligence England by Alan Turing

Mobile Phone USA

Transistor USA from Bell Laboratories

Computer England by Freddie William's team

Long Playing Record USA made of vinyl and played at 33 rpm

Velcro Switzerland by George deMestral

45 rpm Record USA

Some 40s Music Trivia
1941 The Andrews Sisters record their smash hit, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” for Decca Records. It became a classic throughout World War II, making them one of the most prominent female singing groups of all-time.

1949 RCA introduces the first vinyl record (45 rpm) and Columbia releases the first vinyl record at 33.3 rpm.

1944 The New York City Metropolitan Opera House holds its first jazz concert. Artie Shaw, Louis Armstrong and Benny Goodman are just a few of the big names that make an appearance.

1945 Singer Vaughn Moore makes it to the top of the Billboard Pop Chart with his hit, “Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!” The song is still one of the most popular holiday songs to this day.

1943 Frank Sinatra makes his singing debut on the popular radio show “Your Hit Parade.” His career takes off after that and he eventually becomes one of the most respected vocalists of all time.

1942 Glenn Miller wins a Gold Disc for the single, “Chattanooga Choo Choo.” He’s the first person to win this award.

1941 Nashville, Tennessee becomes the home of the very first FM radio station in the country. While the FM band had less static and more range, it didn’t become popular until the early 1960s.

Some Music Hits From The 40's

"Careless" Glenn Miller 1940

"I'll Never Smile Again " Tommy Dorsey with Frank Sinatra 1940

"In the Mood " Glenn Miller 1940

"Chattanooga Choo Choo " by Glenn Miller 1941

"Daddy " by Sammy Kaye 1941

"I'll Be with You in Apple Blossom Time " Andrews Sisters 1941

" White Christmas " Bing Crosby 1942

" In The Mood " By Glenn Miller 1943

" That's My Desire" Frankie Laine 1946

"A" your adorable " by Perry Como 1949

"Mule Train " by Frankie Laine 1949

Any important hits I left out put them in the comments

Some 40s Cars and Prices
Find below some of the cars you could buy in the 40's includes prices and advertising logos

Cadillac 1949

Cadillac series 62 Coupe De Ville

Prices from $3,497

Cadillac series 62 Coupe De Ville new for 1949

Chevrolet 1940

Chevrolet Clipper

Prices From $659

The new Chevrolet Clipper with exclusive vacuum power shift , silent valve in head engine, synchromesh transmission, new sealed beam headlights

Hudson 1949

the new 1949 Hudson

Prices From $2381

Ride the most beautiful most roomy most road worthy most "all round performance car in America" the new Hudson

Studebaker 1940

Studebaker Champion 1940

Prices From $660

Studebaker Champion with distinction and save up to 25% per mile with our new fuel efficient engine

Buick Roadmaster Sedan $1,822 1946

Cadillac Coupe De Ville $3,497 1949

Chevrolet Fleetmaster $1,280 1946

Chrysler New Yorker $1,385 1941

De Soto 2 dr Custom Coupe $885 1940

De Soto Custom Convertible $2,578 1949

Dodge 2 Door Sedan $1,676 1946

Ford Custom $1,472 1949

Frazer Nash Airflyte $1,786 1949

Frazer Nash Ambassador $1,085 1940

Frazer Nash Standard Sedan $2,295 1947

Hudson Country Club Sedan $952 1940

Lincoln Zephyr $1,439 1940

Oldsmobile 10 Series $963 1940

Plymouth Roadking $645 1940

Studebaker Champion $660 1940

Willys 440 series $495 1940

Willys Jeepster $1760 1948

Taken From Our Cars From The 40's

Some Food Prices From 40s
Kellogs Corn flakes 35 cents for 2 pks 1948

Ketchup 19 cents 1948

Lamb Chops 65 cents per pound 1948

Leg O Lamb 59 cents per pound 1947

Loaf Marvel Enriched Bread 13 cents per loaf 1947

Onions 49 cents 10 pounds 1949

Oranges 8 1/2 cents per pound 1944

Pork and Beans 25 cents for 2 cans 1948

Pork Roast 39 Cents per pound 1948

Porterhouse Steak 69 cents per pound 1947

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