1946 News and Interesting History Tidbits

Hawaii Earthquake and Tsunami
A major undersea earthquake measuring 7.4 magnitude in the north pacific ocean caused a Tsunami that by the time it reached Hawaii some 2,400 miles away and travelling at 500 miles per hour, only 4 1/2 hours after the quake waves reaching 60ft in height hit coastal areas of Hawaii causing the deaths of 150 + . This Tsunami prompted the setting up of the U.S. to establish the Seismic SeaWave Warning System to help in evacuation but any similar occurrence today would be even more devastating as can be shown with the damage and loss of life caused by Hurricane Katrina where the warning was greater than 6 hours.

Winston Churchill Speech Communism
Winston Churchill delivers one of the first speeches condemning what he thought was a soviet Union bent on the expansion of communism in Europe and around the world, during the speech he coined the phrase "The Iron Curtain" which was then used by many future politicians.

World Bank First Loan
World Bank Created to help reduce poverty by making loans to developing countries for development programs. The first loan is made of $250 million to France to assist in post war reconstruction .

First Bikini Swimsuit
The Bikini swimsuit ( a daring 2 piece swimming costume for ladies ) was introduced by French designer Louis Reard at a popular swimming pool in Paris.

Juan Domingo Peron Elected Argentina
Juan Domingo Peron, is elected president in Argentina, at the time when he was elected he had a mistress named Eva Duarte who proved to be his greatest asset, or "Evita," as she became affectionately known who later became his wife.

War Crimes Trials Tokyo, Japan
The International Military Tribunals for the Far East starts conducting trials for those military and government officials accused of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity during World War II.

At the end of the trial seven are sentenced to death including General Hideki Tojo ( Japanese premier during the war) Iwane Matsui ( who organized the Rape of Nanking ) , and Heitaro Kimura ( Who brutalized Allied prisoners of war ) sixteen others are sentenced to life imprisonment.

Lord Haw Haw
William Joyce, (Lord Haw Haw), was hanged in Britain for high treason. He had broadcast Nazi propaganda telling the British and American soldiers to surrender with the first words of every broadcast beginning with the words "Germany calling, Germany calling, Germany calling".

Annie Get Your Gun Musical
The Irving Berlin musical, "Annie Get Your Gun," opened at New York’s Imperial Theatre for its debut performance. It went on to do 1,146 more performances to become one of the most popular musicals in theater history.

United Nations Headquarters
The millionaire benefactor John D. Rockefeller Jr. offers the United Nations a six-block tract of Manhattan real estate for the site of U.N. headquarters, which is accepted by the UN.

UNICEF Established
The United Nations General Assembly establishes (UNICEF) United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund to provide emergency food and health care to children in countries that had been devastated by World War II.

Philippines Gains Independence
The Philippines becomes a self-governing nation after 48 years of U.S. rule in 1946

Alcatraz Prison Riot
During a Prison Riot at Alcatraz ( The Rock ) convicts fight a raging gun battle with guards at the rock for their freedom after they seized the guns from the armory and passed them out to fellow prisoners, one guard has been killed and 3 injured .

China 30 Million Starving
Nearly 30 million people are close to dying of starvation due to crop failure and the countries of the world are trying to send food to help those starving including the US the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation department is co-ordinating efforts

No Cars For Sale
With returning GI's and the end to the war people are trying to buy new cars with little success as many of the factories have not been converted back to automobile production, this means that any one wishing to buy a new car can expect to pay 25% more than the OPA price guides from the factory. Prices range from $1,125 for a Chevrolet to $2,000 for a Cadillac

First Drive Through Banking
The Exchange National Bank of Chicago, Illinois, institutes the first drive in banking service in America .<

Radioactive Contamination
75 ships have been quarantined until tests for radioactive contamination are completed, they are suspected to have have high radio activity due to the nuclear atom bomb testing at Bikini Atoll.

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