1965 News and Interesting History Tidbits

Race Riots Watts, Los Angeles, California
Race riots begin in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. By the end of the riots the following week 34 people were killed and more than 1,000 injured.

Armed National Guards have been put on the streets with orders to arrest looters and others who have been setting fires to local businesses.

Beatles Live Concert at Shea Stadium
At the peak of American Beatlemania the Beatles play at Shea Stadium in New York City where 55,000 Beatles fans mostly young teenage girls screamed and cried through the concert.

First Walks In Space
Soviet cosmonaut Aleksei A. Leonov, on March 18, 1965, becomes the first man ever to walk in space.

Major Edward H. White II On June 3, 1965, becomes the first American astronaut to walk in space during the flight of Gemini 4.

Ranger 9 Moon Lander
A live broadcast from the Ranger 9 Moon Lander is shown on television as it hurtles to it's destruction on the moons surface. Ranger 9 was the last of the moon probes sent in which they are deliberately aimed at the surface of the Moon to take as many images as possible before being destroyed on impact and the first fitted with a camera that could create film suitable for use on domestic TV's.

Warren Buffet Gains control of Berkshire-Hathaway
Following three years of buying stock in Berkshire-Hathaway Warren Buffet gains a controlling interest in the company the shares were trading at less than $20.00 per share.

Warren Buffet expands Berkshire-Hathaway into the insurance industry and other investments and as of the beginning of 2008 Class A shares were selling for over $150,000 per share making them the highest-priced shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

The Alabama Freedom Civil Rights March
500 people march in protest from Zion United Methodist Church in Marion, Alabama to the City Jail about a half a block away where a young Civil Rights worker was being held. They are stopped by Marion City police officers, sheriff’s deputies and Alabama State Troopers from proceeding and while stopped city lights go off and police begin beating the protestors ( members of the press are also attacked by the police ) in the melee that follows a number of shots are fired and Jimmie Lee Jackson ends up dead. At the time no charges were made as the police officer claimed Jackson attempted to take his gun from his holster.

42 years after the shooting in 2007 James Bonard Fowler is charged with first degree and second degree murder for the death of Jimmie Lee Jackson and is awaiting trial.

Many believe this was the catalyst for the later civil right marches on March 7th That same year.

On the evening of March 7, 1965 a peaceful demonstration was planned on the road to the Montgomery capitol building. The next day, a report was made regarding the unfortunate turn of events that took place which had resulted in the sudden termination of this civil rights march. About 450 African-Americans had shown up to participate in this civil rights march which was organized by major figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr. King (not physically present at March, but a major influence). About a mile into the march, a group of state troopers bearing night sticks, tear gas, shotguns, gas masks, and grenades had broken up the march. About 40 African-Americans involved in the march were injured-some very critically. In fact, John Lewis (head of the Student Non-Violent Co-coordinating Committee) had suffered considerable damage to the skull. Another march was scheduled for the upcoming Tuesday. This second marching attempt was to be lead by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Following the end of the march on 25th March, 1965 by 25,000 civil rights supporters from Selma to Montgomery after four days and nights on the road under the protection of Army troops and federalized Alabama National Guardsmen. They were refused permission to give a petition to Governor Wallace which said:

"We have come not only five days and 50 miles but we have come from three centuries of suffering and hardship. We have come to you, the Governor of Alabama, to declare that we must have our freedom NOW. We must have the right to vote; we must have equal protection of the law and an end to police brutality."

During the rally that followed the refusal by the Governor of Alabama to accept the petition , Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated

"We are not about to turn around. We, are on the move now. Yes, we are on the move and no wave of racism can stop us."

President Lyndon B Johnson informs Governor Wallace the Alabama Governor that he will call up the Alabama National Guard to supervise and ensure the safety of a planned civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery after the last march which had been shown on Television with local police and state troopers using Billy clubs and tear gas on the marchers .

Dominican Republic
U.S. Marines evacuated American citizens in the Dominican Republic due to the current civil war

Disney Plans Walt Disney World Resort Orlando, Florida
Following the success of Disneyland in Anaheim, California ( Opened in 1955 ) Walt Disney buys 27,000 acres of land on the outskirts of Orlando, Florida ( using dummy corporations to stop land speculators pushing up the price ) for $5 million ( News story leaked by the Orlando Sentinel ) .
Walt Disney World opened on October 1st, 1971, ( five years after the death of Walt Disney ) with the Magic Kingdom theme park and is now the most visited and largest recreational resort in the world.

50,000 Extra Troops To Vietnam
President Johnson tells fellow Americans in July that he is adding 50,000 troops to the U.S. forces currently in Vietnam, for a total of 125,000 soldiers

Goldie the Eagle
Goldie the Eagle, a golden eagle which escaped from Regent's Park Zoo is still on the loose after 8 days and is drawing crowds of onlookers to Regents park where he is dining on Muscovy duck, but he has also been spotted in Tottenham Court Road.
He was captured after 12 days and taken back to his home in the Zoo and escaped again in December for a short time.

Palm Sunday Tornadoes
The Palm Sunday Tornadoes strike Indiana and the surrounding states. In Indiana alone, 1200 people were injured and over 135 were killed

The Midwest continued it's problem weather with rivers at flood conditions along the Mississippi affecting Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and North Dakota with mass evacuations and already a number of deaths caused by the flooding.

Ranger 8 Sends Pictures From The Moons Surface
The Ranger 8 spacecraft crashed on the moon after sending back thousands of pictures of the lunar surface

Berkeley University Anti Vietnam Protests
The draft notices issued in early May caused the marathon protest over United States Policy in Vietnam at Berkeley University and included mass protests and the first public burning of a draft card and then continued with over 5,000 protesters involved in a teach in of the war in Vietnam.

"The draft" initiated protests when on May 5, 1965, student activists at the University of California, Berkeley marched on the Berkeley Draft board and forty students staged the first public burning of a draft card in the United States. Another 19 cards were burnt May 22 at a demonstration following the Berkeley teach-in

First Students Charged Under New Law For Burning Draft Cards
Following the new law which made burning draft cards a crime on July 31st. On October 15th the student-run National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam staged the first public draft card burning which resulted in an arrest under the new law.

Malcolm X Assassinated
African American leader Malcolm X was assassinated while delivering a speech at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City.

President Johnson pledges to Remove Discrimination
President Johnson pledges to Congress and millions of American Homes that we shall overcome what he called "a crippling legacy of bigotry and injustice." that exists in this country by acting on legislation designed to remove every barrier of discrimination against citizens trying to register and vote.

President Johnson Signs Voting Rights Act
President Lyndon Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act, guaranteeing African Americans the right to vote making it illegal to impose restrictions on federal, state and local elections that were designed to deny the vote to blacks.

President Johnson signs the Social Security Act
The Social Security Act of 1965 was signed by U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson which established the nation's Medicare and Medicaid programs, financed by higher Social Security payroll taxes.

Higher Education Act of 1965
The Higher Education Act of 1965 signed into law as part of President Johnson's Great Society domestic agenda. One of the primary purposes of the act was to provide financial assistance for students in higher education by increasing federal funding for universities to create scholarship programs, and to provide low-interest loans for students through Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( FAFSA ).

Cancer and Cigarettes
Doctor William K. Kerr of the Toronto’s Department of Surgery reported the first ever biochemical link between cancer and cigarettes. Kerr was one of the groups of scientists who had studied the affects of cigarettes on persons, rather than just researching statistical studies.

Beatles Release the Album "Help!"
The Beatles release the soundtrack album "Help!" in the UK from the film of the same name. Help! is the Beatles 5th album released and includes the following tracks

Side One


"The Night Before"

"You've Got to Hide Your Love Away"

"I Need You"

"Another Girl"

"You're Going to Lose That Girl"

"Ticket to Ride"

Side two

"Act Naturally"

"It's Only Love"

"You Like Me Too Much"

"Tell Me What You See"

"I've Just Seen a Face"


"Dizzy Miss Lizzy"

Britain Decides To Prospect For Oil In North Sea
With the ever increasing need for oil and gas around the world and the jump in crude oil prices Britain is prospecting for Oil and Gas in the icy waters of the North Sea off Britain East Coast. The economy unlike any other is beset with problems including the falling value of the pound, the strangle hold Trade Unions have over both business and Government with shorter working weeks combined with higher wages companies in Britain are no longer competitive with the rest of the world . The country still has great engineers as can be seen by the joint British / French project of building the worlds first supersonic passenger plane ( The Concord ), so maybe all that is needed is the boost finding large deposits of oil and natural gas in the north sea to make Britain Great again.

Zimbabwe Gains Independence
The Prime Minister of Rhodesia Mr Smith has made a Unilateral Declaration of Independence from Great Britain stating he is not willing to agree to the terms offered by Harold Wilson which included giving the black majority population power sharing.
Zimbabwe in Africa ( formerly Rhodesia ) Gains Independence from Britain in 1965

Petrol Prices in England and in U.S.A. from 1965 to 2006

Price per Gallon of Petrol in Blue is cost in UK in Pence and rough conversion to Cents
Price per Gallon of Petrol in red is cost in US in Cents

1965 26.5p 53 cents 31 cents
1967 27.5p 55 cents 33 cents
1969 31.5p 63 cents 35 cents
1971 33.7p 67 cents 40 cents
1973 35.0p 70 cents 40 cents
1975 72.5p 145 cents 44 cents
1977 79.5p 159 cents 65 cents
1979 79.6p 159 cents 86 cents
1981 132.1p 264 cents 125 cents
1983 166.8p 333 cents 125 cents
1985 188.8p 373 cents 109 cents
1987 174.7p 350 cents 89 cents
1989 168.8p 337 cents 97 cents
1991 205.2p 410 cents 112 cents
1993 233.1p 466 cents 116 cents
1995 270.4p 540 cents 109 cents
2006 378.5p 760 cents 290 cents
2008 438.5p 877 cents 420 cents

Ferdinand Marcos
Ferdinand Marcos is inaugurated president of the Philippines

1965 Some Great Movies In Theatres
Some of the Movies showing in movie houses provide an idea of the strength of the Movie industry in this year
Mary Poppins
The Great Escape
Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
A great year for going to the movies.

Gambia Independence
Gambia becomes the smallest sovereign state in Africa and the last of Britain's West African colonies to gain independence

The Sound of Music
The movie version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical "The Sound of Music" starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in the lead roles has its world premiere in New York.

A few of the most well known songs from the Musical / Movie

"Climb Every Mountain"



"My Favorite Things"

"Sixteen Going on Seventeen"

"The Lonely Goatherd"

Beeching Report on British Railways
The Chairman of the British Railways Board Dr Richard Beeching, has outlined transport needs for the next quarter of a century which recommends that a quarter of the British railway system should be shut down.
( His reports led to the closure of a quarter of the rail network including over 2,000 local stations at a cost of nearly 70,000 jobs )

Race Relations Act
A new Race Relations Act comes into force forbidding discrimination on the "grounds of colour, race, or ethnic or national origins" in public places and covers both British residents and overseas visitors.

Oil Dispute Between U.S. and State of Louisiana
A long running dispute over oil between the U.S. and Louisiana was finally coming to a close. The end of government litigation included the disbursement of one million dollars worth of held oil revenues.

Maple Leaf Canada
The Maple leaf would become Canada’s new national flag symbol. This new Canadian national flag had been raised on this day above Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the Capital of Canada.

Power Blackout Canada and New York
A blackout affecting 30 million people in northeastern states including New York of the United States and Ontario, Canada lasting for up to 13 hours. The blackout was blamed on a sophisticated power system that was ironically built to ensure electricity would be available in an emergency.

The Rolling Stones First Number One Hit In The US
The Rolling Stones have their first number 1 single on the US Billboard charts "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" from the album "Out of Our Heads"

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