1992 News and Interesting History Tidbits

Mall of America
The Mall of America with 2.5 million sq ft of retail space over four floors and with more than 500 shops, opened in Bloomington, Minn. The Mall Of America also includes an indoor amusement park including roller coasters and an Aquarium.

Sanctions Imposed On Libya
The U.N. Security Council voted to ban flights and arms sales to Libya, for shielding six men accused of blowing up Pan Am Flight 103 and a French airliner

Duke and Duchess of York Separate
The Duke and Duchess of York have announced they are to separate, they have been married since July 1986 and have two children Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie who are fifth and sixth in line to the British throne.

Woody Allen
Woody Allen ( 57 ) admits to an affair with Soon-Yi Previn ( 22 ) , the adopted daughter of actress Mia Farrow. The tabloid press pointed out the 35 year age difference between Soon-Yi Previn and Woody Allen.

Princess Anne Divorce
Princess Anne filed for uncontested divorce from Mark Phillips after 2 1/2 years of separation.

Pablo Escobar
Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar escaped from his own luxurious private prison, La Catedral. near Medellin. At one time Escabar had been listed as the seventh-richest man in the world on Forbes Magazine.

The United States Delta Force joined Columbian Police and a self proclaimed vigilante group in the all-out manhunt for Escobar and in December 1993 he was found and died in a shoot out.

Turkey Earthquake
A 6.8-magnitude earthquake and aftershock near Erzincan, Turkey kill more than 500 and leave another 50,000 homeless.

Abortion Rights Activists March On Washington
The Abortion rights activists march and demonstration in Washington, D.C. attracts several hundred thousand people who are concerned that the high court, with its conservative majority may overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that made abortion legal.

Bush Pardons Iran Contra Politicians
President Bush pardoned former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and five others involved in the arms for hostages Iran Contra scandal

Overthrow Of Communist Government In Afghanistan
The Communist Government of Najibullah In Afghanistan is overthrown. But the country is thrown into further civil war, the country is made up of a number of War Lords and fighting between the various militias, which had coexisted during the Soviet occupation ends. With the end of of their common enemy ( Communist Rule ) , the militias, ethnic, clan, and religious differences took over, and civil war continued.

Death Penalty Reintroduced California
Robert Alton Harris became the first person executed by the state of California in 25 years as he was put to death in the gas chamber for the 1978 murder of two teenage boys

Euro Disney Opens
Euro Disney a new $4 billion theme park, opened in Marne-La-Vallee a new town on the outskirts of Paris, France.
This is the second Disney resort to open outside the United States after the first which was Tokyo and is now one of Europe's leading tourist destinations.

Olympic Games 1992
The Summer Olympic Games of the XXV Olympiad are held in Barcelona, Spain.

Following the changes in rules by the International Basketball Federation in 1989 to allow professional players to be included in Olympic Basketball teams led to the creation of the American Dream Team, with players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, and Larry Bird. They won the gold medal with great ease.

South Africa is readmitted to the Olympics following the countries breakdown of apartheid in the country.

This is also the first games since 1972 where all members of the IOC countries compete, following a number of years of boycott for political reasons .

Germany also competed as one nation following the unification of East and West Germany.

Hindu Militants Destroy Babri mosque
A mob of Hindu militants tears down the Babri mosque in Ayodhya and attacked Muslim houses and property in the area setting off two months of Hindu-Muslim rioting that claimed at least 2,000 lives.

Rioting in Los Angeles
Rioting has broken out in Los Angeles following the decision by a jury to acquit four white police officers accused of beating black motorist Rodney King.

The case centered on a video shown on TV around the world which was taped by an amateur cameraman who caught the scene on film as the four police officers beat, kicked and clubbed unemployed laborer Rodney King while other officers looked on. The officers did face a second trial a year later, on federal charges of violating Rodney King's civil rights, 2 were found guilty and received prison sentences of two years.

The violence continued for 4 days in which 55 people were killed caused by revenge attacks against whites and Asians by the black rioters.

Leona Helmsley Jailed for Not Paying Taxes
Leona Helmsley, goes to prison for failing to pay her taxes, she served a total of only 18 months in jail.

Her famous quote "Only the little people pay taxes." turned the press and the public against her who never forgave her for the infamous saying.

Guadalajara Sewer Explosions
A series of sewer explosions in Guadalajara, Mexico caused by a build up of gas after an earlier gas leak, kill more than 200 people and damage 1,000 buildings.

Truck Driver Protest Closes French Roads
Following lorry driver disruption on French roads for one week the police and army are ordered by the government to remove trucks blocking roads. At the worst area the on the A1 motorway south of Lille towards Paris 500 riot squad officers, supported by helicopters, took four hours to disperse the 150 vehicles jamming the road.

Mass Coal Mines Closures UK
The government is planning to close a 31 out of 50 of Britain's deep coal mines, with the loss of 31,000 jobs. In the mid 40's coal mining in Britain employed one million miners working in 958 mines.

Manchester England Bombing
Two bombs planted by the IRA explode in the centre of Manchester injuring 65 people, A telephone warning of other devices force police to evacuate the whole of the city centre causing widespread disruption.

Mike Tyson Convicted of Rape
Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is sentenced to six years in prison for raping Miss Black Rhode Island, Desiree Washington. He was released on March 1995 after serving three years.

He did go back to fighting for the heavyweight championship after his release but in 1997 was again in trouble when he fought Evander Holyfield in Vegas and was disqualified for biting Holyfield on both ears. One bite was severe enough to remove a piece of Holyfield's right ear, which was found on the ring floor after the fight.

Punch Magazine
The satirical British magazine Punch announces it will publish it's final issue on 8 April after 150 years due to falling sales and subscriptions

Apartheid Ending South Africa
The beginning of the end of white rule and apartheid in South Africa came when White South Africans voted for political reforms to end apartheid and create a power-sharing multi-racial government.

Manuel Noriega
Former Panamanian ruler Manuel Noriega was convicted in Miami of drug trafficking and racketeering charges.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Recognised As Independent
Bosnia and Herzegovina a country in the Baltic Region Recognised As Independent following the collapse of Yugoslavia in 1992.

John Gotti Convicted
Mob boss John Gotti often referred to as "The Teflon Don" because of the number of times he was charged but not convicted is finally convicted in New York of racketeering, murder, illegal gambling and other crimes, the conviction is largely helped through the testimony of an ex high ranking member of the Mafia who had turned informant Salvatore Gravano. John Gotti is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, where he died in 2002.

The Georgia Superdome is completed USA
Georgia Superdome in Atlanta, Georgia is completed with a diameter of 840 ft having the worlds largest cable supported fabric roof .

Arthur Ashe
Tennis player Arthur Ashe announces that he has AIDS

North American Free Trade Agreement
President George H.W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari signed the North American Free Trade Agreement in separate ceremonies

Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer, is sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences and will never be eligible for parole by a Wisconsin court, he had practiced necrophilia and cannibalism on 15 young men and boys.

On 28 November 1994 he was murdered by a fellow inmate, who bludgeoned him to death with a metal bar.

Somalia Starving Millions and OPERATION RESTORE HOPE
Somalia did not have a government and its people were starving. It was a country that needed the long term help of the world police to keep order and to make sure that aid got delivered. The United States sends American troops to lead a mercy mission to Somalia, threatening military action against warlords and gangs who were blocking food for starving millions but did not want to commit itself to a long term military intervention, because it was scared of recreating another situation like the Vietnam war.

The United Nations intervention in Somalia OPERATION RESTORE HOPE a UN sanctioned US military operation begins. The operation was planned to avert the growing humanitarian disaster of severe famine and general chaos.

Earth Summit
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development ( The Earth Summit ) held in Brazil

The United States causes a storm at the UN Conference on Environment and Pollution as standing alone amongst the westernised world by refusing to sign the document to reduce carbon dioxide emissions . The current Bush administration believes global warming is not a problem that can be proved.

Queen Pays Income Tax
Major reforms in how royalty is funded in the United Kingdom are announced including

1. The Queen of England will now pay income tax

2. The number of Royals who receive taxpayers money has been reduced to the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen Mother.

Much of this is because of the public concern about the rising cost of the monarchy and some of the stories in tabloid press about minor royals living off the British tax payer.

Windsor Castle Fire
Fire damages a major part of Windsor Castle and a number of important works of art, books and furniture are lost some through fire damage but also many through water damage caused by the 35 fire engines that fought the fire . The 900 year old castle is about 20 miles west of London in the city of Windsor and is used by the queen as a weekend retreat.

President Bush Victim Of A Voodoo Hex
A Haitian priest who is Roman Catholic claimed that President Bush was the victim of a voodoo hex. The priest claimed that the president could undo the curse by changing the U.S.’s foreign policy to Haiti. He said that the proof of Bush’s curse was the fact that the president vomited on the Japanese prime minister.

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