2006 News and Interesting History Tidbits

Serial Shooter Killers Phoenix, Arizona
Dale S. Hausner and Samuel John Dieteman are arrested and charged for the Serial Shooter Murders responsible for six murders and at least 29 other shootings in the Phoenix area. They had been murdering random people standing on the street from early 2005 until they were caught in August.

Terrorist Plot Foiled
British police have announced the arrest of 24 suspects on suspicion of a terrorist plot to blow up 10 aircraft bound for US Airports. The terrorists had planned to blow up the aircraft with liquid explosives ( acetone peroxide (TATP) or hexamethylene triperoxide diamine (HMTD) ). Which would be in hiden in Lucozade or similar other innocuous bottles carried in hand luggage. Many of those arrested are British-born Muslims, some of Pakistani descent with possible links to the militant Islamic organization al-Qaeda.

Hamas Elected
Hamas ( Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiyya ) the Palestinian Islamist militant organization and political party which is listed as a terrorist organization by Canada, the European Union, Israel, Japan, and the United States, wins the Palestinian parliamentary elections, taking 76 of the 132 seats in the chamber,and formally took over the Palestinian government, with Ismail Haniyeh sworn in as the new prime minister.

Iraq New Parliament
Iraq's newly elected parliament met briefly for the first time .

California Heat Wave
The Heat Wave in California which started on July 16th and has reached temperatures of 115 degrees earlier in the week is now believed to have claimed the lives of over 140 people, and caused a massive toll to the state's agricultural industry with damage to peaches, plums, nectarines and walnuts and thousands of livestock lost. An additional burden to California residents has been the loss of power to over a million customers caused through equipment failures.

Bombing Campaign Mumbai
Bombay terrorist attack on trains kills more than 160 people and injures a further 460 when seven bombs are detonated on the train network in the Indian financial capital of Mumbai .

World Trade Talks Break Down
The ( WTO )World Trade Talks which had been started in 2001 break down with blame shared equally around the world.

The United States blamed because it saw no point in continuing the talks if developing countries would not open markets to US Companies.

European Union blamed for protectionism and of using deliberate delaying tactics during the talks.

The Developing Nations because they want state subsidies and import tariffs slashed in the EU and US so they can sell more of their produce abroad.

What this means in reality is that the G8 nations will now turn to bilateral and regional free trade agreements, abandoning commitment to help developing nations increase their share of the global market.

Saddam Hussein Charged With Genocide
The Iraq tribunal announce criminal charges against Saddam Hussein and six others, accusing them of genocide and crimes against humanity stemming from a 1980s crackdown against Kurds.
Saddam Hussein refuses to enter a plea insisting he was still Iraq's president and the judge had no jurisdiction to charge him.

In November he was found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging, he was hanged the following month.

Colorado Oil Shale Reserves
The US Energy department has released a report that the State Of Colorado is sitting on about a trillion barrels worth of oil in the form of Oil shale reserves in the Green River basin, which covers portions of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, about 70% of this resource is located on federally owned or managed land, nearly as much as the rest of the world's conventional oil reserves added together.

The problem with Oil Shale Reserves is the cost of extraction and the Environmental Considerations due to the process required to turn Oil Shale into Oil. As the price of oil continues to increase the viability of extracting oil from oil shale increases and Royal Dutch/Shell has been conducting field research in Colorado's Rio Blanco County for 10 years.

Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention
President Bush asked Congress to pass the Military Commission Act of 2006 which included the redefinition of U.S. obligations under Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions to change the absolute prohibition on inhumane treatment with a "flexible" standard, which would assess on a case-by-case basis whether particular conduct would amount to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment..

Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention places an absolute prohibition on inhumane treatment of detainees during an armed conflict.

In the end the changes to Article 3 were not approved.

The Great American Strike
The Great American Strike ( The Great American Boycott 2006 )was a one day boycott of United States schools and businesses by immigrants, both legal and illegal, mostly Latin American origin, it is estimated that one million people participated in the demonstrations of mostly Hispanic immigrants who skipped work and took to the streets in cities throughout the United States in protest at immigration reform proposals.

Protests Against New Labour Laws In France
More than 1 million mostly students take to the streets in France disrupting air, rail and bus travel in the largest nationwide protest over the "Contrat première embauche" (CPE - First Employment Contract or Beginning Workers Contract) which would make it much easier for workers under twenty-six years old to be fired.

The main parts of the bill which caused protests included

Allowed employers the opportunity to terminate employment of workers under twenty-six without any reason, with little or no notice, within their first two years of employment

Night lab our being permitted for youths as young as 15 years old

Suspension of family welfare in cases of students skipping school

Possibility of manual lab our apprenticeship for 14-year-olds

The bill was seen by many as a direct attack on younger workers but the government believed by easing these laws it would encourage companies to take on more younger employees.

The new "Contrat première embauche" CPE was scrapped by Chirac on April 10 under the pressure of ongoing protest and blockade throughout France

US Ports Sold To Middle East
New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Miami and New Orleans U.S. seaports are to be taken over by the state owned business ( Dubai Ports World ) in the United Arab Emirates.

The takeover has caused a major controversy due to the possible security implications.

Andrea Yeates
An earlier trial verdict of the murder of 5 children by their mother ( Andrea Yates ) which sentenced her to life imprisonment has been overturned in Texas, U.S.A., and in the latest verdict she has been cleared by reason of insanity of murdering her five children by drowning them in the bath. She will now be sent to a state mental hospital until she is considered sane enough for release.

Top Of The Pops Ends
The longest running popular music program Top Of The Pops ends after over 40 years having featured the biggest names in music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and onwards. The BBC who produce the show do not believe the TOTP can compete with the growth of 24-hour music channels available on TV and the changing world of instant downloads of the latest music.

Easter Week 2006 Tornado Outbreak beginning On April 13
During the evening of April 13, 2006, one or more tornadoes strike Iowa City, causing severe property damage. It was the first tornado ever to be recorded to hit Iowa City directly.

The Tornadoes that strike Iowa City are considered to be part of the The Easter Week 2006 Tornado Outbreak beginning On April 13,

(1) A complex of severe thunderstorms formed in eastern Iowa on April 13th , with unexpected reports of strong tornadoes, causing damage to property.

(2) Another supercell developed on April 14 across western Indiana, touching down a few more tornadoes.

(3) A further system developed over the Upper Midwest and tracked across the Midwest on April 15 and 16 which leads to a further 40 reported tornadoes.

(4) The final system developed on April 18 bringing even more severe weather farther south in the lower Midwest, mainly Missouri with several more tornadoes reported.

North Korea Nuclear Bomb Test
North Korea tested a nuclear bomb in October in spite of the threat of sanctions being placed on it. The country also planned to open a nuclear power plant in 2007
North Korea announces it has carried out its first test of a nuclear weapon, becoming the worlds 9th Nuclear Power. Israel is believed to have nuclear warheads but has never been confirmed

North Korea also goes on to test medium range missiles capable of striking mainland US and mainland Japan heightening concerns over North Korean long term goals.

Guantanamo Bay
World Leaders condemn the Bush administration for its prison in Guantanamo Bay, saying the indefinite detention of terror suspects there violated the world's ban on torture.

Zacarias Moussaoui
Al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui a French citizen of Moroccan descent claimed in his trial that he was supposed to hijack a fifth airplane on Sept. 11, 2001, and fly it into the White House but it is unclear if he was telling the truth or seeking publicity.

He was convicted of conspiring to kill Americans as part of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and is serving a life sentence at the Federal ADX Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.

AT&T Rebuilds
AT&T Inc. announced it was buying Bell South Corp. a significant step toward resurrecting the old At&T, which was broken up into eight separate companies, as a result of antitrust proceedings by the U.S. Justice Department in 1984

Slobodan Milosevic
Former Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic is found dead of a heart attack in his prison cell in the Netherlands ending his U.N. war crimes trial.

Basque Separatist Group ETA
The Basque separatist group ETA which had been using kidnappings, assassinations, violence and murder to achieve it's goal of sovereignty and self-determination for the Basque Region of Spain announced a permanent cease-fire with Spain.

Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon suffers stroke
Following Ariel Sharon's stroke where he fell into a coma
the acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been performing his duties and Israel's Cabinet declared Prime Minister Ariel Sharon permanently incapacitated, officially ending his five-year tenure.

Serbia Gains Independence
Serbia Gains Independence following it's declaration of independence as part of the state of Serbia and Montenegro in 2006 ( both were part of Yugoslavia )

Iranian Leader Denies Holocaust
In Tehran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke to a crowd of people who deny the Holocaust ever existed and asserted, “The Zionist regime will be wiped out the same way the Soviet Union was, and humanity will achieve freedom.” Hostility over this meeting could have sanctions placed on Iran by the United States.

Iran Tests Missiles
Iran made a show of strength by testing missiles some of which could reach Israel. The tests occurred after an American-led warship did military exercises in the Persian Gulf. Iran and the West continue to be in conflict over Iran’s nuclear power program. The Iranian President also announced that his country had succeeded in enriching uranium on a small scale for the first time

Italy Wins World Cup 2006
The 2006 FIFA World Cup was held in Germany

Italy wins their fourth world championship, defeating France 5–3 in a penalty shootout after extra time finished in a 1–1 draw,

Germany finishes third after defeating defeated Portugal 3–1
The next world cup is scheduled for 2010 in South Africa

Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster fully electric sports car produced by electric car firm Tesla Motors, the chassis is based on the Lotus Elise and the car will be built at the Lotus Factory in England.
The car is the first to use lithium-ion battery ( the same as the type of battery found in digital cameras and Laptop Computers )

A few facts
135 MPG equivalent
225 miles between charge
130 MPH top speed
0-60 mph in under 4 seconds

Only prototypes of the Tesla Roadster have been produced so far
but production cars should be available early in 2008 and cost is predicted at

Tesla Motors Home Page

Montenegro Gains Independence
Montenegro Gains Independence following it's declaration of independence as part of the state of Serbia and Montenegro in 2006 ( both were part of Yugoslavia )

Securitas Bank Robbery
An armed gang steal £53 million from the Securitas bank depot in Kent. It was the largest such theft in British history

Denmark New Years Eve Tradition
In Denmark there existed a different tradition that the people celebrate at New Years. They throw dishes at the houses of their friends. All year the old dishes are collected for this occasion. If you have a lot of broken dishes by your house you have a lot of friends.

Suicide Bomber Tel Aviv
A Palestinian suicide bomber strikes a Tel Aviv restaurant during Passover, killing nine people

Augusto Pinochet Dies
The death of autocrat Augusto Pinochet evoked outpourings of grief and hatred among Chileans. Pinochet was accused of killings, torture, and the disappearance of his opponents. Some Chileans wept for joy, while others grieved his death.

Schools in Afghanistan
Schools in Afghanistan needed to be rebuilt especially for girls, who under the Taliban, had been deprived of any education. Thirty-seven year old Ben Tupper from DeWitt, a member of the 27 Infantry Brigade, volunteered his time to help with the reconstruction along with sixteen other volunteers from New York.

Caricatures of the prophet Muhammad
Following the publishing of caricatures of the prophet Muhammad Muslim protesters torched and destroyed the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus. And in Gaza, Palestinians marched through the streets, storming European buildings and burning German and Danish flags.

Power Cuts Europe
Two high voltage power lines in Germany failed triggering a cascade of cuts as automatic safety devices cut millions of customers in order to prevent a total blackout of the continent. Parts of Germany, Belgium, France (including parts of Paris), Spain, and Italy were affected.

Murder By Radioactive Substance
Alexander V. Litvinenko, who had formerly been a KGB agent, was poisoned with a radioactive substance and died in a London hospital. In a starling new development in the case Russia’s Prosecutor General launched an investigation into the possible guilt of Yukos Oil leaders

New California Emissions Bill
California passed a new emissions control bill. This piece of legislation becomes one of the most extensive carbon dioxide fume regulation documents in the U.S.A. that was drafted into law. One aspect of this new legislation called for a 25 percent decrease of carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2020.

43ft Christmas High Goat Sweden
In the city of Gavla, Sweden it is traditional around Christmas to erect a straw goat before the coming of Santa Claus. This year a 43 foot high goat – the biggest ever -- was put up and coated with flame-retardant chemicals, so that vandals could not burn it down. Previous goats have gone up in flames or been vandalized

Climate Action Team California
In California, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Climate Action Team endorsed growing trees to combat climate change brought on by carbon emissions. In particular, it was found that young trees absorb the most carbon. The quicker the leaves develop the more pollution is absorbed. The Action Team recommended better forest management and the growing of trees in cities. They said that more trees might buy society some time until the pollution problem is solved.

Dow Jones
On January 9, 2006 the average broke the 11,000 barrier for the first time since June 2001
On October 19, 2006 The Dow Jones breaks the 12,000 barrier

President George W. Bush Presidential Vetoe H.R. 810, Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005
President George W. Bush issued his first presidential veto, rejecting H.R. 810, Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005, a bill to ease restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

President George W. Bush has vetoed 10 bills.

To put this in perspective below is a list of earlier presidents number of vetoes

Woodrow Wilson 44

Warren Harding 6

Calvin Coolidge 50

Herbert Hoover 37

Franklin Roosevelt 635

Harry Truman 250

Dwight Eisenhower 181

John Kennedy 21

Lyndon Johnson 30

Richard Nixon 43

Gerald Ford 66

Jimmy Carter 31

Ronald Reagan 78

George H. W. Bush 44

Bill Clinton 37

George W. Bush 10

Dick Cheney Hunting Accident
Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot and wounded Harry Whittington who is in intensive care at a Corpus Christi hospital after being hit by several pellets of birdshot, during a weekend quail-hunting trip in Texas.

US Local State Income Tax and Sales Tax
I have created this because many states are looking at increasing local taxes ranging from Booze and Tobacco to Restaurants and local sales taxes or local income taxes so this is a stake in the ground for 2006 / 2007 when the research was completed. This is also interesting just based on how different the taxes are now in different states.

State Sales Tax: 4%
Income Tax: 2, 4, or 5%, depending on income

Alaska does not have a state sales tax, but some municipalities impose their own sales tax ranging from 1-7%
Income Tax: Alaska does not levy an individual income tax

State Sales Tax: 3%-10.7%, depending on type of product and municipality
Income Tax: 2.87%-5.04%, depending on income

State Sales Tax: 6%
Income Tax: 1%-7%, slight variations based on actual income

State Sales Tax: Ranges from 7.25% to 8.75%
Income Tax: California has six different tax bracket with the highest rate being 9.3%

State Sales Tax: 2.9%
Income Tax: 4.63% flat rate

State Sales Tax: 6%
Income Tax: 3%-5%, depending on income

State Sales Tax: Delaware does not currently levy a state sales tax.
Income Tax: There are currently six income tax brackets in Delaware, ranging from 2.2%-5.95%, depending on income.

State Sales Tax: 6%
Income Tax: Florida does not currently impose a personal income tax.

State Sales Tax: 4%, but each individual county may add up to an additional 2%
Income Tax: 1%-6%, depending on income

State Sales Tax: Hawaii does not currently impose a sales tax.
Income Tax: Eight brackets ranging from 1.4%-8.25%, depending on income.

State Sales Tax: 6%, but some accommodations are taxed at rates between 7%-11%
Income Tax: Idaho has eight income tax brackets that range from 1.6%-7.8%

State Sales Tax: 6.25% for most items; 1% for qualifying purchases, such as select foods and other necessities
Income Tax: 3% of net income

State Sales Tax: 6%
Income Tax: 3.40%, slight variations based on county of residence

State Sales tax 5% many Counties also have an additional tax of 0.5%
Personal Income Tax 0.36% to 8.98%

State Sales Tax: 5.3%, but some cities impose an additional tax
Income Tax: 3.5% to 6.45%, depending on your tax bracket

State Sales Tax: 6%
Income Tax: 2%-6%, depending on income.

State Sales Tax: 4%
Income Tax: 2%-6%, slight variations based on actual income

State Sales Tax: 5% general sales tax; 7% on lodging and prepared food; 10% on auto rentals
Income Tax: 2%-8.5% depending on income

State Sales Tax: 5%
Income Tax: Flat 5.3%

State Sales Tax: 6%
Income Tax: 3.90%, slight variations based on actual income

State Sales Tax: Varies depending on municipality
Income Tax: 5.35%-7.85%, depending on income

State Sales Tax: 7%
Income Tax: 3%-5%, depending on income.

State Sales Tax: 4.225%
Income Tax: 1.5%-6.0%, depending on income

State Sales Tax: Montana does not have a state sales tax
Income Tax: 1%-6.9% depending on income

State Sales Tax: 5.5%
Income Tax: 2.56%-6.84%, slight variations based on actual income

New Jersey
State Sales Tax: 7%
Income Tax: 1.4%-8.97%, slight variations based on actual income

State Sales Tax: 6.5%
Income Tax: Nevada does not currently impose a personal income tax

New Hampshire
State Sales Tax: New Hampshire does not currently impose a sales tax for its residents
Income Tax: New Hampshire does not currently impose a personal income tax for its residents. Much of the tax money comes from property and state taxes.

New Mexico
State Sales Tax: New Mexico does not currently impose a state sales tax.
Income Tax: 1.7%-5.3%, depending on income

New York
State Sales Tax: 4%
Income Tax: 4%-6.85%, depending on income

North Carolina
State Sales Tax: 4.25%
Income Tax: 6%-8.25%, depending on income

North Dakota
State Sales Tax: 5%
Income Tax: 2.1%-5.54%, depending on income

State Sales tax Approximately 7%, but it varies by county
Personal Income Tax 6.8% and 7.5%

State Sales Tax: Approximately 5% with some variations
Income Tax: 0.5%-6.65%, depending on income

State Sales Tax: Oregon currently has no sales tax.
Income Tax: Varies greatly depending on individual and income

State Sales Tax: 6%
Income Tax: 3.07%

Rhode Island
State Sales Tax: 7%
Income Tax: 3.75%-9.9%, depending on income

South Carolina
State Sales Tax: 6% for non-grocery items, 3% on grocery items
Income Tax: 2.5%-7%, depending on income

South Dakota
State Sales Tax: 4%
Income Tax: South Dakota currently does not collect personal income tax

State Sales Tax: 7% with slight variations based on type of products
Income Tax: Tennessee does not currently impose an income tax on wages and salaries

State Sales Tax: 6.25% with individual cities having the option of adding an additional 0.25%-2%
Income Tax: Texas does not currently impose a personal income tax.

State Sales Tax: 5.75%
Income Tax: Utah currently has six different tax brackets for varying incomes.

State Sales Tax: 6%
Income Tax: 3.6%-9.5%, depending on income

State Sales Tax: 5%
Income Tax: 3.0%-5.75%, depending on income

State Sales Tax: 6.5%
Income Tax: 3.2%-17.4%, depending on income

West Virginia
State Sales Tax: 6%
Income Tax: 3.0%-6.5%, depending on income

State Sales tax 5% many Counties also have an additional tax of 0.5%

Personal Income Tax 4.6% to 6.75%

State Sales Tax: 4%
Income Tax: Wyoming does not currently impose a personal income tax for its residents.

Taken From Our US States History and Information Section

US States History And Information Section

I would be interested to hear from those in very low paying states are property taxes or road tolls very high or do they get it in another way

I would also be interested in states where the taxes are very high ( why do you think they are high )

Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act (Cope Act).
9th June 2006 : Congress passes the Cope Act by 321-101 votes.

What Is the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act (Cope Act)

The Cope act is a major overhaul of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 with a large number of changes some good and needed but some which may well cause the largest changes to how we are allowed to use the Internet once we have paid an ISP for a connection.

Below I have included the most important part of the act and an example of how I believe it will effect ordinary subscribers and how some subscribers are being affected today.

Network Neutrality

What Is It

Network Neutrality broadly means that once you have paid for your subscription to the Internet how you use the access is up to you, and all service speeds ( the speed a page or download is delivered to your browser ) are free and equal of limits via the ISP'S.

What Effect could it have on your Internet Access

  • The company who provide your Internet Access Could define which VOIP ( Voice Over IP Telephone Service ) i.e. block those they do not supply.

  • The company who provide your Internet Access could define where you download music or video from.

  • The company who provide your Internet Access could even in the worst case define which shops were available through your connection and which were not ( Possibly Only Companies who payed the ISP would be accessible ).

  • The company who provide your Internet Access could even in the worst case define which search engine you could or could not use.

As you can see unless a form of Network Neutrality is put back in the new bill, the Internet we all use could change.

Current use of this ending of Network Neutrality is being used by Comcast who are slowing down certain protocols for example the BitTorrent protocol because the BitTorrent protocol is used to transfer large files including full-length videos partly because it competes with the cable company’s own video-on-demand and television offerings.

Current ISP Problems

Like all things there are two sides to any story and currently 10% of subscribers to ISP'S can easily use 60% of the available bandwidth making access slow for the rest of the subscribers.

Removing Network Neutrality should not be used as the answer as it could and will be used by some for the monetary gain. If ISP'S wish to address the issue they should begin offering a service which is based on users usage ( not how it is used ) this would possibly make Internet Access cheaper for most placing the cost on the heaviest users.

Ratio House Price to Wages to New Car 1967 to 2006
Sometimes History provides an insight into some very interesting statistics

Here Is One Below From 1967 1967
Average Income per year $7,300.00

Average Cost of new house $14,250.00 ( Roughly Twice The Average Wage )

Average Cost of a new car $2,750.00 ( Roughly 1/3 of the Average Wage )

Gas per Gallon 33 cents ( You Could Buy 22,000 gallons of Gas For Yearly Average Wage )

2006 Averages ( I used a combination of resources to get the closest I could but not guaranteed perfect )
Average Income Per year $44,472

Average Cost Of A New House $299,900 ( Roughly Seven Times The Average Wage )

Average Cost of a new car $24,400 ( Roughly 1/2 of the average wage )

Gas Per Gallon $2.90 ( You Could Buy 15,500 Gallons of Gas For Yearly Wage )

These figures are so scary for a number of reasons how does anyone start on the Home Ownership Ladder and is property so overvalued there must be a bust coming or is it just a reality as more people chase the property cash machine

Just One Last Note
2000 Averages
Average Income per year $40,343.00

Average Cost Of A New House $189,150.00( Roughly Four Times The Average Wage )

Average Cost of a new car $24,750.00 ( Over 1/2 of the average wage )

Gas Per Gallon $1.26 ( You Could Buy 32,500 Gallons of Gas For Yearly Wage )

2005 Previous Year ---- ( Current Year Is 2006 ) ---- Following Year 2007

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